FPS Russia, Hunter Biden, and the double standards of power

FPS Russia, Hunter Biden, and the double standards of power
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Right now, a lot of us are still kind of upset about the whole sweetheart deal Hunter Biden got, in part for his gun charges.

He should have gone to prison or, at the very least, become a convicted felon.


Instead, he got the proverbial slap on the wrist.

The whole thing bothers me, obviously, in part because it makes me think about FPS Russia.

For those who don’t know, FPS Russia was a YouTube channel back in the day featuring a young guy with a fake Russian accent shooting all kinds of awesome guns and blowing stuff up. It was one of the biggest YouTube channels of its day, attracting attention from gun folks and non-gun folks alike.

And then it ended.

Part of the reason it came to an abrupt halt was because the young gun in question, Kyle Myers, ran into a bit of legal trouble.

After a little over two years of posting videos again, FPSRussia suddenly stopped. They made no statement about why, but it’s probably a safe bet to assume that the decision was a result of the legal troubles that Myers had faced before, and perhaps the knowledge that he would face similar troubles in the future.

Because in August 2017, Myers would be arrested and his home searched by the ATF once again after approximately 25 grams of butane honey oil, a high-THC marijuana concentrate, were found in his United States Postal Service P.O. box.

Myers was charged with possession of a Schedule I substance with the intent to distribute, a felony, and misdemeanor possession of drug related objects

During the raid, the ATF seized more butane honey oil, various drug paraphernalia, and, in accordance with federal law that prevents illegal drug users from owning firearms, more than 50 guns.

Myers got two years probation and two months in a halfway house along with a fine.


And that was for something that is basically legal in a lot of the country now and without the accompanying tax evasion charges.

Myers wasn’t Hunter Biden, though. His father wasn’t the President of the United States.

Hunter admitted to using crack at the time he purchased his gun. He took photos of measuring out the crack, which frankly smacks of “intent to distribute” to me.

And let’s acknowledge that for right or wrong, crack has long been held as a more problematic substance with harsher penalties for its use than many other drugs.

But he’s basically getting a clean slate after all of this.

Meanwhile, guns were part of Myers’s career. He’d committed no violent crime. He’d never had any of his guns tossed in a public trash can near a school. He hadn’t photographed himself being incredibly irresponsible with his firearms–those videos may look troubling, but all the safety rules were followed.

In short, Myers may have broken the law, but it was a law on its way out in many places and he didn’t try to evade his taxes.

But again, Hunter has connections and Myers didn’t.

Why are people upset over Hunter’s deal? Because we all know that none of us would have gotten such a deal, even for lesser drug offenses.


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