Three dead, eight injured in Fort Worth mass shooting

Three dead, eight injured in Fort Worth mass shooting

A year ago today, I sat down and wrote about the shooting in Highland Park. It was my most sincere desire to skip that this July 4th.

Unfortunately, that’s not in the cards.


That’s because just before midnight Monday, a shooting in Fort Worth obliterated that hope.

Three people have been pronounced dead after 11 people were shot in southwest Fort Worth late Monday night, officials say.

The shooting was reported in the Como neighborhood at about 11:40 p.m. on July 3, at the intersection of Diaz Avenue and Horne Street.

This was hours after the end of the neighborhood’s annual ComoFest.

Police said multiple shooting victims were in a parking lot when they arrived. It is believed that 10 of the victims are adults and one is a juvenile.

Detectives are still investigating the shooting, so details are limited. As of Tuesday morning, the motive behind the shooting has not been confirmed and it is not clear how many people opened fire.

There’s not a lot of information available right now and, as noted above, the police have no clue what actually happened other than three people are dead and a lot of people were hurt.

However, my guess is while that meets the definition of a mass shooting, we’ll eventually find that it’s not your typical mass shooter behind this.

This feels like something else, possibly gang-related or possibly just personal, but there’s not a lot of evidence to go on other than the fact that there wasn’t a suspect at the scene.

Mass shooters tend to stick around. They want to kill as many people as possible, so they shoot and shoot and when people aren’t around, they start hunting for people hiding. If it sounds horrifying, that’s probably because it is. How could it not be.


This or these shooters didn’t do that. They fired their rounds, then left.

That suggests this was something else, something far more personal.

If so, someone will probably be brought to account for these horrific crimes.

Unfortunately, in the meantime, we’re going to see the usual suspects in Fort Worth start talking about gun control, all before knowing literally anything additional about what happened beyond some people being shot and killed.

They’ll decide Texas needs this law and that law, all without bothering to look at if such a law would actually make any difference whatsoever.

A lot of folks have a personal 72-hour rule, where they don’t reach a determination on a story like this until 72 hours after it happened. There needs to be a similar rule about pushing for gun control in the wake of any kind of mass shooting, if for no other reason than to keep anti-gunners from looking even more stupid than they normally do.

Besides, right now, there are three families in mourning and a lot of others praying their loved ones recover quickly and completely from a horrific event. For them, the politics of the situation doesn’t matter, nor should it.

For now, let’s just hope the Fort Worth police bring the perpetrators in quickly.

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