Why women need guns

(AP Photo/Lisa Marie Pane)

When you ask a gun control advocate to picture the average gun owner, they’ll tell you that they’re a middle-aged white dude.

As a middle-aged white dude, I’m not going to say those folks don’t exist. Obviously, I do.

But women are far more likely to favor gun control than men, at least according to most polling. Yet women are also among those who are most likely to benefit from having a gun.

Take this story from our sister site, RedState, by my friend Jeff Charles. It starts with a report of a woman who was attacked by someone wielding a blunt object and who fired a gun in self-defense. He then goes on to note:

There have been many situations in which women have been attacked and killed by boyfriends or ex-husbands because they did not possess the means by which to defend themselves. Indeed, in this woman’s situation, if her assailant had been a male, this scenario might have turned out much differently, and the outcome could have been tragic if she did not have a firearm.

It is worth mentioning that this is yet another reason why red flag laws are particularly dangerous to women – especially those who have been victims of domestic violence. These laws can be used by abusers to prevent their victims from owning guns, thereby making them easier to abuse or even murder.

Even further, women who live in states with onerous requirements for gun permits (which should not be required in the first place) are also vulnerable. My friend Kerri Slone pointed out the issue perfectly:

Charles then notes that not only is gun control racist–a topic he and I have both pontificated on before–it’s also sexist, as is illustrated above.

And, frankly, he’s right.

Look, no matter what the extreme fringes of the left are screeching about women’s sports, the average man will always have a physical advantage over the average woman. There are particularly strong women and there are particularly weak men.

Yet those aren’t the norm and, frankly, we all know it.

As such, women tend to be at a disadvantage when faced with an attacker. An armed woman with a firearm is the equal to anyone armed with a firearm and has the advantage over anyone armed with anything else. That’s a good thing.

We hear a lot about how vulnerable women are, and that’s accurate. While most homicide victims are men, most of those are very different from how women are killed.

Domestic violence is a terrible thing, but an abusive partner can only do so much when they’re staring down the barrel of a firearm.

Frankly, that’s how it should be.

No one should be a victim, but gun control doesn’t eliminate victims. It creates them.

Most women, no matter how many self-defense classes they take, will have a problem when faced with the overwhelming strength of most men. If you can’t see why that’s a bad thing, you need to take off ideological blinders and wake the hell up.

While gun control advocates generally prey on the fear of domestic abusers, particularly among women, the reality is that someone that violent and is intent on killing their partner or ex-partner isn’t going to need a gun to do it.

But that potential victims may well need a gun to keep that from happening.

Gun rights are women’s rights. They’re black rights. They’re Hispanic and Asian rights. They’re basic human rights, for crying out loud, and we need to put an end to this push to infringe on those rights. Humanity deserves better than that.