TN publication may be overstating gun control popularity

Image by MikeGunner from Pixabay

After the shooting at a school in Nashville, a lot of people in Tennessee favored at least some degree of gun control.

However, we also know that following mass shootings, the popularity of such policies tends to fall.


The Tennesseean, a Nashville-based publication, has a feature where people can ask questions, and the publication claims it’ll find the answer. This is important because someone asked if there was still broad support for gun control.

That’s when hilarity ensues.

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Question: More than three months after the Covenant School shooting in Nashville, has the public started to lose interest in gun reform?

Answer: Not according to people that attended a recent anti-gun protest in front the Wilson County Courthouse.

Despite the sweltering heat, Wilson County Young Democrats gathered to shed light on why the state of Tennessee needs stricter gun control.

That’s right. They went to an anti-gun rally to find out of people still support gun control.

Folks, I can’t make this crap up no matter how hard I could try. It’s just not possible to write something like this as a piece of fiction and have anyone take it seriously.

A gun control rally is full of people who want gun control? What. A. Shock.

That’s like asking, “Hey, is there still widespread support for racism?” then going to a Klan rally and reporting that yep, everyone there was racist.


A better indicator might be how well-attended the rally was. After all, Wilson County is just outside of Nashville itself. It’s an easy trip to show your support for a cause you agree with, so one would expect broad support to result in a decent turnout.

The small group of concerned county residents advocate for assault weapons to be banned, prioritize mental health and make a gun license required before purchasing a gun.

And based on the pictures from the event, “small group” is an accurate description.

In other words, there’s not really all that much support. Yet The Tennessean managed to find it by going to a gun control rally.

It’s just hilarious, really.

But I also bet at least some of the staff members of this publication wonder why so many in the community think they’re biased and untrustworthy. It’s an absolute mystery, now, isn’t it?

I will give them credit for calling this an anti-gun rally. No clever euphemisms meant to obscure the goal here. They just lay it out plain and simple so everyone knows what’s up.

They get credit for that, but it’s not nearly enough to cover the colossal screw-up of looking to see if the state as a whole supports gun control by going to an anti-gun rally.

That’s just weapons-grade stupid right there.

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