NSSF's Keane rips "gun industry insider's" lies to shreds

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Ryan Busse is very popular with the mainstream media these days. The so-called gun industry insider has become the go-to guy for anti-gun talking points.

The former Kimber employee has leveraged that prior employment to present himself as an expert, and thus pretending that his comments have weight.


Well, the actual gun industry insiders at NSSF aren’t amused, and Larry Keane took to his keyboard to rip Busse’s latest lies to shreds.

Anytime the media’s favorite former “gun guy” turned-gun control advocate gets invited to speak about gun control, hold on. It’s going to be a wild ride.

Ryan Busse, Senior Advisor for Giffords gun control group, was invited to MSNBC’s “Reidout” to speak with host Joy Reid as she bemoaned that she was afraid to leave her home on Independence Day for celebrations because “America’s awash in guns” and is insane.

Reid asked what changed in America to make it a “shooting gallery.”

“We have doubled the number of guns in our society in the last 20 years,” Busse answered.

That begs the question what is the appropriate number for firearms in lawful private possession? Maybe the figure Busse is more comfortable with is the millions of firearms he bragged about selling when he was worked for one company in the industry. He has told media he worked in the firearm industry from 1995-2020. During that time, the firearm manufacturer he worked for produced 2,353,516 rifles, pistols and revolvers for the American market. That’s not counting anything that was exported.  There are more guns now than 20 years ago, just as there are more cars now. The lawful sale and ownership of firearms does not cause crime any more than the sale of cars causes drunk driving. For the entire time the industry – with his help – was allegedly turning America into a “shooting gallery” crime was falling to record lows. Crime began to rise during the pandemic and civil unrest that occurred beginning in the summer of 2020.

The U.S. Constitution doesn’t put a quota on the Second Amendment. It doesn’t say that only a certain number of firearms can be possessed by law-abiding Americans. Liberty isn’t limited that way and America agrees.


Seriously, go and read the entire thing. Keane isn’t pulling punches and rips Busse to shreds.

The truth of the matter is that Busse worked for Kimber and that’s it. It didn’t grant him any insights into the gun industry as a whole, much less any sins the industry might be guilty of.

So, he parrots anti-gun talking points because that’s literally all he has.

If you don’t believe me, let’s look back at his comments about Smith & Wesson, accusing them of being in bed with the Proud Boys. The company was collaborating with an apparel brand that had the same initials. That was it.

Then we have the fact that Busse doesn’t even know basic facts about the industry he’s a supposed insider of. I’m not talking esoteric stuff about industry standard practices that you don’t know if you’re not specifically involved in them, either, but basic history.

As such, it’s not surprising that he’s basically just regurgitating the very same stuff we might hear from someone like David Hogg or Shannon Watts. He can’t give you anything original because he doesn’t know anything.

I’ve argued before that it’s likely that Busse doesn’t actually understand the gun industry because he simply worked for Kimber. He doesn’t know anything about any company other than Kimber, so when questions pop up involving the industry as a whole, he has to fall back to talking points.


And since most of those are, at best, nonsense, this is what we get.


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