Ryan Busse beclowns himself on Twitter

Ryan Busse beclowns himself on Twitter
Daylight! Hangover! #facepalm

Ryan Busse once worked for Kimber. He worked for the firearm industry.

Now, though, he’s a gun control crusader trying to leverage his past employment to convince people he knows what he’s talking about.


Yet on Twitter, he decided to display just how little he understands about, well, anything outside of how Kimber did things.

It started with this tweet:

That’s a hell of an accusation, but hey, Busse is a gun industry insider. He knows what he’s talking about, right? He even provides “evidence” in these next tweets:

Again, a hell of an accusation.

Except, despite his claims, that shirt doesn’t appear to have anything to do with the Proud Boys. Instead, it comes from a company called Perceeption Brand.

In fact, that picture above? The one Busse notes is the back of the shirt in the first pic–this despite it clearly being different people? Yeah, it’s from Perceeption Brand’s website. Now, if you click on the image there, it expands to show it’s a screenshot Busse took, so it’s not like he’s hiding it.


But it’s not the Proud Boys and never was.

Now, the Proud Boys apparently have or had a shirt with the brass knuckle motif in the past, but there were also pronounced differences between the two graphics on the clothing.

So basically, Busse has accused a firearm company that supplies guns to numerous police departments and the United States Armed Forces of actually being in bed with a group many claim are domestic terrorists. I don’t know, smells like libel to me.

I doubt Smith & Wesson would sue, mostly because it’s not like Busse’s comments are likely to hurt sales in any way, but what he’s doing is actually showing just how little he actually knows about what various companies are doing.

The gun control lobby’s favorite “gun industry insider” is making a grand, sweeping statement about a company he never worked for and getting it hilariously wrong.

See, the way I figure it is that Busse worked for Kimber, but like most other people in any given industry, they’re really only insiders in how their own company operates/operated. Sure, there’s small talk at industry gatherings where you pick up some details about how the other guy does stuff, but for the most part, what they know about how other companies do things is from the media, just like the rest of us.

But Busse couldn’t leverage his background by being a Kimber insider. He needed to be an insider of the whole firearm industry, otherwise, there was little reason for anyone to take what he said seriously.


So in he comes, like a white knight for gun control advocates, someone who can verify all the things they already wanted to believe about this evil industry.

Yet Busse apparently doesn’t know half as much as he wants people to think. This is a prime example. Here he is, trying to denigrate Smith & Wesson, and in the process links a small business targeting “tactical athletes” with a group he describes as a domestic terrorist group.

He missed the mark so hilariously that no one should take anything he says at face value ever again. If the man claims the sky is blue, I recommend stepping outside to verify that for yourself.

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