Four dead in Atlanta area mass shooting, suspect at large

Four dead in Atlanta area mass shooting, suspect at large

There is no place that’s immune from mass shootings, and as we’ve seen. On Sunday, we’ll talk about how prevalent they actually are using real definitions other than ones tailored to scare people.


Today, though, we’ve got to get a little more local.

We’re going to look at Atlanta, where a mass shooting happened earlier today, leaving four people dead and a suspect at large.

At least four people were killed Saturday morning in an active-shooter situation in Henry County, officials confirmed.

The incident took place in the Dogwood Lakes area of Hampton at about 10:45 a.m. Few details on the shooting were immediately available, but police said the suspected gunman is at large and residents should avoid areas near the shooting location. Police have not said what led up to the shooting.

County spokeswoman Melissa Robinson confirmed with The Associated Press that four people were killed in the incident, but no other details were provided.

As of this writing, there’s no description of the suspect or any vehicles that he might be driving, so I don’t know that we’re able to help, but this is a developing story, so there will likely be a lot more information in the coming hours, but for right now, all we know is that four people are dead and whoever pulled the trigger is neither dead nor in handcuffs.

This also means that if you’re in that area, stay indoors and alert the police if you see anything suspicious. There’s no promise this is even close to over, so don’t be stupid.

I’m more than a little concerned that officials didn’t release any information on the suspect, though, so people could be on the lookout. This is a mass shooting, for crying out loud. We know these aren’t always isolated to a single location, turning into rampage shootings where no one in a community is safe.


Perhaps officials have reason to believe that this mass shooting is different, that maybe there’s a reason to believe this is really over.

Unfortunately, the lack of information in the initial statement doesn’t really give anyone any reason to feel nice and easy.

Again, though, this is a developing situation and we’re likely going to get a lot of different information as we go forward from here.

While there are those already rushing to make political judgments, I’d advise people to show at least some level of restraint. We simply don’t know enough to make any statements about how this happened or what could be done about it right now. For all we know, space aliens landed and shot these people.

No, it’s not likely by any stretch, but that’s kind of my point. We also don’t really have a lot of evidence that this isn’t what happened, so we should all cool our jets a little right now and wait until we know more.

What we do know is that multiple law enforcement agencies, including the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, are involved and we’ll hopefully know more very soon.

Edit: The suspect has been identified.

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