Advocates never held accountable for gun control deaths

Advocates never held accountable for gun control deaths
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Gun control advocates throughout the nation will tell you all about how much safer the nation would be if we’d just get over this whole Second Amendment thing and allow them to do whatever it is they want.


After all, they’ll tell you, you can still own guns, but there just need to be some restrictions.

No one needs to carry a gun in public, for example, and why would you need a firearm readily accessible in your home instead of locked up, unloaded, with the ammunition stored elsewhere?

Here’s the thing, that sort of thing doesn’t save lives. As my friend Rob Morse notes, it does the opposite. What’s more, the people ultimately responsible are never held accountable.

In fact, armed defense is common. Honest citizens use a firearm in self-defense about 2.8-million times a year. We use a rifle in armed defense about 370-thousand times each year. In contrast, FBI statistics show that violent criminals used a rifle less than once a day, 364 times a year in 2019.

Perspective is desperately important. We defend ourselves with a rifle over a thousand times for each time a criminal uses it in a crime. Even if we include every firearm that couldn’t be identified in a violent crime, then the criminal use of a rifle is at most one-percent compared to our armed defense.

Disarming honest citizens makes the criminals’ job easier. Since criminals don’t obey the law, it is questionable if gun-control disarms criminals at all. We don’t see the crime rates fall when states and counties pass gun-control laws. The bitter truth is that we can’t solve a small problem by creating a larger one, so why do politicians try it time after time?

Some of those criminals will be caught. Some will be convicted. Unfortunately, the murderers in city hall will never be charged.


Those last are some pretty harsh words, words that many on the gun control side will likely take umbrage at. Well, tough.

They’ve long claimed that those of us on the gun rights side of things have blood on our hands because we refuse to allow them to dismiss the Second Amendment. They hold us responsible for the act of every criminal, even if we prove definitively that the bad guy in question broke the law to get a gun in the first place. We’re blamed for things we had nothing to do with.

But when local officials make it impossible for a law-abiding citizen to carry a firearm and that citizen gets killed, there’s nothing. There’s absolute silence because the deaths that result from gun control are somehow less worthy than any other death.

Those don’t get the same headlines. The blame isn’t thrown around quite the same way at literally everyone but the killer.

No, the murderers in city hall are never held accountable.

But they’re more than ready to blame you and me for their failures time and time again. Funny how often it seems to work out that way, isn’t it?

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