NZ "mass shooting" draws attention to rising crime rate

Image by MikeGunner from Pixabay

Back in 2019, Christchurch, New Zealand was home to one of the more horrific mass shootings we’ve seen. The targets were a couple of mosques. The gunman had a hatred of Muslims and wanted to kill as many of them as he could.


He did plenty of damage, too.

For a nation with little crime, all things considered, New Zealand jumped and immediately implemented a series of gun control measures, ostensibly to prevent something like that from happening.

Thursday morning there, something happened that shows just how badly those laws have failed.

New Zealand police have named the gunman in the Auckland shooting that killed two and injured at least 10.

Police say [killer’s name redacted], 24, was under house arrest and has a history of domestic violence.

The incident – in a country where gun violence is extremely rare – has reignited a debate about the rising crime rate in New Zealand.

With a general election due in October, many political parties have campaigned to get tougher on criminal offences.

“NZ has sure gone downhill the past few years. Too much crime these days for such a small country,” a top-liked comment on Facebook reads.

With a general election just months away, political parties have been campaigning to get tough on crime, according to Hannah Short, a civil litigator in Auckland.

She told the BBC that while gun violence in New Zealand is still relatively rare, the country has experienced a fairly significant increase in crime recently, with gang membership going up in recent years.


The shooter used a pump-action shotgun but didn’t have a license for any such firearm.

Further, as noted, since passing the gun control measures after the Christchurch shooting, it seems the gun crime rate has increased significantly. Why, it’s almost like bad guys realize that there won’t be armed good guys to stop them.

Funny, that.

Look, we all know what happened in New Zealand. They passed gun control because they felt they had to “do something” in the wake of Christchurch and gun control was the easy answer. Yet it’s not the effective one and never was.

In fact, we know that at least one gang in the country vowed not to give up their AR-15s. There were likely many more that agreed in sentiment that we just never heard about.

Is anyone really surprised by that?

If so, it’s time to set your phone or something to remind you to breathe in, convert oxygen into carbon dioxide, then breathe out because you won’t figure it out on your own.

When you disarm the law-abiding population, crime is very likely to increase, particularly violent crime, because there is no longer any risk to the criminal.


What’s more, New Zealand passed these measures due to a mass shooting. While two people dead isn’t what most of us were term a mass shooting, with 10 injured and at least some of them seriously, it may well rise to those numbers.

Plus, when you look at the issues with gun control’s intentions versus their failures, two dead and 10 injured is still a sign that they fail to stop these kinds of attacks. The only reason the death toll isn’t higher is thankfully poor marksmanship, not because of gun control laws.

New Zealand has failed to reduce gun crime, failed to prevent mass attacks on innocent people, and only managed to tread all over the rights of its citizens.

Brilliant job, Kiwis. Brilliant job.

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