Thieves snatch 27 guns from pawn shop in Texas

Image by fsHH from Pixabay

If you ask a gun control advocate what they want in their perfect world, assuming they’re not honest and say “no more guns,” they might explain this intricate system whereby someone would have to jump through a number of hoops to make sure they’re safe to own a firearm.


They’ll obviously say background checks, of course, but they might also want psychological screening as that seems to be somewhat popular among that crowd. Many also want gun buyers to have to go through some kind of training and who knows? Maybe they want character witnesses.

Regardless, there will be a lot of requirements in place to make sure you’re not a danger to good public order.

Meanwhile, the bad guys will still do this:

Police in Texas are searching for three thieves who broke into a pawn shop and stole a whopping 27 guns in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The as of yet unidentified thieves traveled to the Top Gun Pawn Shop in Spring, a community in Houston, in a white Chrysler 300 and forced their way into the building. Clad in all white, with their faces concealed by masks, the trio stole more than two dozen guns, according to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

The store’s manager, Aarren Snowney, said that the pawn shop had previously taken “every precaution” to avoid thefts.

“Everything is safe and secure here, including all of our loans. Hopefully, they’ll be brought to justice quickly,” Snowney told KTRK.

In other words, no matter how much you try to regulate the gun-buying process, criminals aren’t going to just shrug and accept the restrictions.

They’ll bust into the store and steal guns.

Again, this store says they took every precaution. We see how much good that did.

And let’s be real here. If a bad guy breaks into a home and can find a firearm to steal, he probably will. Those are easily sold on the streets and bring in some decent money for the bad guys. They’re a lot easier to hide than a TV, too.


But the stores that sell them are particularly vulnerable to such thieves because those bad guys know what they’re going after. They’re not interested in taking their chances by breaking into homes. They’re going to hit the pawn shop and gun stores and get a lot of firearms in one haul.

In this case, it was 26 guns. That doesn’t take all that long to snatch, either, which means they can be in and out before the police have a chance to get there, making good their escape.

As such, gun control isn’t likely to ever keep firearms out of the hands of bad guys. The best it can do is make it harder on regular folks who just want to exercise their right to keep and bear arms.

Yet that won’t stop them from continuing to try and make our lives more difficult while actually doing nothing to stop the real bad guys.

It’s a universal constant at this point, I’m might much afraid. Right up there with death and taxes.

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