How anti-gunners torture facts to push gun control

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The gun control side of things tends to look at the Second Amendment as an obstacle if they even bother to acknowledge it.

Most tend to just demand gun regulations with zero regard for the right to keep and bear arms. If they acknowledge it at all, it’s through a tortured revisionist history–which involves pretending reality is revisionist as we’ve recently seen.


That involves torturing facts and reality to try and advance their agenda, but it doesn’t stop just there.

Take this op-ed, for example.

Three killed in Jacksonville, one killed at Chapel Hill, one killed in Choctaw, Oklahoma and seven injured in Boston.

When will we realize that thoughts and prayers are not enough to save lives? One more mass shooting? Two? Is 400 this year not enough? Nowhere else in the world faces this problem, so why should we be any different?

Why are we too good for common sense gun laws?

Well, let’s take a step back here for a moment.

Jacksonville was, without a doubt, a mass shooting. By some definitions, Boston might be considered as such, though we tend to disagree here.

Yet Chapel Hill and Choctaw, Oklahoma weren’t mass shootings by any definition.

Both of these were simply cases of one person shooting and killing another. What’s more, both are actually examples of gun control laws failing.

Chapel Hill took place on the UNC campus, where carrying a firearm was prohibited. It didn’t stop the alleged killer from taking the life of his advisor.


Choctaw took place at a high school football game and involved a 15-year-old allegedly shooting and killing a 16-year-old.  The last time I checked, high school kids couldn’t lawfully purchase firearms, much less carry them to school football games lawfully.

But the author doesn’t acknowledge these facts.

Instead, he just includes those shootings as if they’re relevant and then goes on to examine Jacksonville and how that alleged shooter got his guns.

Yet that examination falls apart when you look at the rest of the shootings he cited.

As noted, Choctaw involved an underage person in possession of a firearm. UNC involved carrying a gun somewhere where it was illegal to have one. Yet the problems for this argument don’t stop there.

I acknowledged that some would consider Boston a mass shooting despite no one having been killed.

Yet even there, gun control also failed to stop the shooting, and that was in heavily gun-controlled Massachusetts.

We now know that at least one of the people accused of being part of that shooting is facing weapons charges–something you don’t generally face if you own your gun legally.


Not only was this a prohibited person in possession of a firearm, but he allegedly had a full-auto switch on that firearm.

The author has tortured reality to present the idea that all these other shootings–shootings he cited–were similar to Jacksonville in some way. However, in all three, gun control laws failed to prevent the shootings themselves, though they failed in different ways.

What’s more, there’s absolutely no way the author was unaware of any of these facts.

Then again, expecting honesty from a gun grabber is like expecting coherence out of Joe Biden on any given day.

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