Deadspin tries to use sports to push gun control

Deadspin tries to use sports to push gun control
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The sports website Deadspin isn’t exactly the kind of place you’d expect to see unbiased news from. After all, the banner at the top of the page shows their sister sites proudly, a list that includes Jezebel and The Root–two notoriously leftist political sites.


So the idea that Deadspin would take a leftward lean isn’t surprising, but it’s sports. It should be something more or less free of politics, though we all know that’s a dream.

It seems the intrepid souls at the site have decided to get into the gun debate and are using the start of the college football season to do so.

America has its favorites — football, guns, and racism. Charlottesville, Virginia, has all three.

Oh boy. Now you just know this is going to be a nice, unbiased report, don’t you?

Racism isn’t America’s favorite in any way, shape, or form despite leftist protestations from certain segments of the population–segments sure sound racist, when you really listen.

But I’ll grant that guns and football are right up there.

Moving on…

Six years after the city was etched into history books after a bunch of racist tiki torchers had a deadly temper tantrum for the world to see, the city that houses the University of Virginia will be hosting an event that features this country’s other two favorites — a football game that will honor the victims of America’s obsession with guns.

Devin Chandler, Lavel Davis Jr., and D’Sean Perry will be honored before UVA’s home opener on Saturday, as it’s the first time the team has played on their field since Nov. 12 of last year which was one day before the three players were killed and two others were injured.

And since mass shootings have become the norm in the “land of the free and the home of the brave,” life will continue as normal after a moment of silence.

Sandy Hook and Newtown were evidence that America would choose guns over anything. Uvalde and all the ones before and after were proof. But UVA was different — well, so some thought. Americans would surely do something since it interfered with their favorite game, right? Unfortunately, just as the games continued so did our government’s inaction when it comes to changing gun laws.


Honestly, this is just pathetic.

The writer could have just written about the moment of silence, recounted what happened, and moved on. Instead, he has to inject race into a topic that literally has no racism involved–but he just couldn’t.

Then he goes on and seemingly buys into the ridiculous idea that we all secretly think gun control works, but just oppose it out of some other reason. After all, if we didn’t think it was the answer to Sandy Hook–apparently he’s unaware that “Sandy Hook” and “Newtown” are the same incident–why would we suddenly change our mind because of UVA?

What we do know is that the alleged shooter had been picked up on a felony charge, only to see the charges dropped. That left him free to buy a gun and kill two people.

That makes it clear that the issue isn’t gun control but people.

We could also get into the allegations that the two deceased players had a history of harassing and tormenting the alleged gunman. That doesn’t excuse what happened, but it does illustrate that there’s often more to a shooting than just the presence of a firearm.

Granted, that’s a level of understanding I wouldn’t expect from Deadspin in a million years, because like all of the other sites under that banner, they exist to push a narrative and pretend they’re really just truth-seekers.


However, I have to say that it kind of pains me to think that someone got paid to write that crap, even for Deadspin.

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