Arrest finds Chinese-made full-auto switches

Arrest finds Chinese-made full-auto switches
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One of the bigger concerns for law enforcement is the reportedly increasing threat of full-auto switches showing up on American streets.

Now, unfortunately, the media has reported on this issue a lot like they have about so-called ghost guns, which means we don’t actually have a good idea about the real scope of the problem, but it’s not difficult to see the difference between homemade firearms and devices that turn guns into machine pistols.


I mean, much of the concern over “ghost guns” is the result of fearmongering. Full-auto switches are a different kind of animal because it basically means an average gang-banger might be able to outgun the cops.

And where do these little devices come from? Well, a recent arrest gives us a clue.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Colorado, 36-year-old Dean Fabiano was arrested and charged with possession of a firearm by a prohibited person.

The investigation began after U.S. Customs and Border Protection seized a package from China labeled “TOYS” and came from a company known to send gun parts and counterfeit merchandise into the United States.

According to a criminal complaint, the package contained two Glock switches and was addressed to Fabiano. Neither of the switches, which allow a handgun to operate in a fully automatic fashion, had serial numbers.

Legal analyst George Brauchler said this is an interesting case.

“What I found fascinating was that the feds had been tracking the importation of various trigger devices that would cause semi-automatic handguns, like the ones this guy possessed, to become fully automatic, and other silencers — we call them suppressors. They’ve been tracking places in China that had been shipping them to the U.S. and disguising them as toys or other similarly weighted devices, and so they were on the lookout for this,” Brauchler told FOX31’s Kim Posey.


Interestingly, this is from the same China that routinely uses state-run media to denounce our right to keep and bear arms and also owns a piece of pretty much every business based there.

Full-auto switches and suppressors are tightly controlled here in the US. The full-auto switches, in particular, generally aren’t legal for private individuals under any circumstances. And yet, Chinese companies are eager to send them here.

Further, one has to imagine there’s at least enough of a demand out there for companies to justify continuing to make and market them. While I suspect there are political reasons for them being sold to people in the US, if there weren’t buyers, they’d likely just move on to something else instead.

The media hasn’t really latched onto what’s going on here with full-auto switches. They report when they’re found, but unlike “ghost guns,” they don’t seem to be as eager to write about them.

Yet homemade firearms can be lawfully owned. We can build our own guns for our own use and there be nothing to worry about.


With these, there’s no way to legally possess them, yet a foreign power seems to have a hand in them being sold here in the United States. How can the press be so incurious about the whole thing?

Probably because being curious doesn’t serve the narrative.

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