China's state-controlled media still demanding gun control here

AP Photo/Charles Krupa, File

The government of China is an oppressive regime known to have herded a large portion of its population into concentration camps and reportedly used that population to harvest organs, among other horrors. They attacked their own citizens with tanks because they were peacefully sitting in Tiananmen Square, killing an untold number.


To say the government there isn’t full of good people is an understatement, but they are able to use their state-run media to try and make them look like the good guys.

And they also try to use that same state-run media to try and push China’s agenda of civilian disarmament on the American people.

A 32-year-old father in Cleveland, Ohio, killed his three sons, ordering them to stand in a row and then shooting them with a rifle. The three young boys were aged 7, 4, and 3. It is a tragedy.

Although the case is different from the mass shootings that happen in public places where the gunner shoots people indiscriminately, the tragedies share one thing in common, namely that the killer held a gun. Had the US effectively implemented stricter gun controls, the deaths could have been lowered, minimized, or even prevented.

Time for action on gun control to prevent more such tragedies.

For the state-run media to latch onto the Ohio shooting isn’t surprising. I’ve already outlined why gun control calls are premature at this point, at a minimum. In short, there’s no evidence he would have been denied a firearm under any circumstances.

But the bigger issue for me is China’s continued insistence on inserting itself into our politics by pretending that its media is somehow independent. It’s not and we all know it.

The fact that China, one of our most significant rivals on the global stage, a nation that has been acting antagonistically toward our military in international waters, wants the civilian population disarmed is more than enough reason on its own to reject those calls.


If China were to decide to invade, it would be a tall order. Our military might is significant, even in this day and age of difficulty in recruiting.

Yet a nation of their population could tip the balance with raw numbers, as they did in the Korean War.

One difference, though, is an armed populace. We the people have guns. The well-regulated militia that is necessary to the security of a free state.

While the Yamamoto quote is likely apocryphal, it’s true there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass, and China knows it.

Gun control isn’t a human rights issue, as they often claim. It’s a military issue, which is sufficient cause for anyone to be wary of what they want.

Unfortunately, too many so-called leaders refuse to look objectively at this and recognize that if an enemy wants something, you need to ask yourself why they want it so badly. I promise you, they’re not calling for it for your own good.

They likely want it because it’ll make it easier to crush you later on.

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