California lawmakers seek to expand "sensitive places" list

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When the Bruen decision came down, it was a body blow to the gun control movement. It wasn’t a knock-out punch, however.

Among the places where guns could be banned were “sensitive places” such as courthouses and things like that.


There was a warning, though, that you couldn’t just declare an entire city a “sensitive place” no matter how much you thought it should be.

While most anti-gunners haven’t tried to push that too hard–one notable exception being Albuquerque, at least for a couple of days–they have tried to make as much of various cities “sensitive” as they thought they could get away with.

Now, California is set to add even more places to the list.

The list of new sensitive places includes public transportation, public parks, playgrounds, demonstrations, and bars & restaurants.

DeLuz does not support the changes.

“These are all the places that individuals are going to be in public,” DeLuz said. “What good is it to be able to carry a firearm in public, if you cannot carry a firearm in public?”

State Senator Anthony Portantino (D-Glendale) wrote the new gun legislation in response to a Supreme Court ruling last year that took away local discretion in approving CCW permits. The decision creates more access to the permits for legal gun owners.

“You know, we’re not the Wild West. We might be the West Coast, but you have to have some sanity in this conversation,” Sen. Portantino said. “Should you be in the local bar with your weapon? I would say ‘no.’ Should you be at the ballgame with your weapon? I would say ‘no.'”

Even if I were to agree with even some of this–I don’t, but bear with me–what Portantino doesn’t seem to grok is that having a gun in a given place isn’t just about that given place. It’s about everything leading up to going to that place and leaving that place.


For example, let’s say you’re going to your kid’s Little League game. It’s at 2:00 in the afternoon. You decide that he needs to fuel up for the game, so you go and get some food. You need gas, so you stop to get that and maybe a sports drink for your young athlete.

Are we to believe that convenience stores never get robbed or that restaurants aren’t targets for violent criminals?

What about after the game? It’s a couple of hours later and you take the team out for ice cream. From the park to the ice cream place goes through a sketchy part of town.

Under these laws, people are generally left to be disarmed throughout their entire day versus just being disarmed at these specific points, and I haven’t even gotten into all that can befall someone in a parking lot, for crying out loud.

Bruen may have permitted the banning of guns at sensitive places, but this measure seeks to make so many places sensitive that there’s pretty much no place you can carry a gun anyway. You can have a carry permit whether California wants you to or not, but you damn sure can’t use it.

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