California gun control fails to save deputy's life

Police Line / Police Tape" by Tony Webster is marked with CC BY 2.0 DEED.

The state of California loves gun control. They love it so much that they’re trying to get a constitutional amendment for certain aspects of gun control.

Within the state, though, they’ve got tons of gun control laws on the books. They’ve got everything that Gov. Gavin Newsom wants at the federal level and then some.


If gun control works, California shouldn’t have problems with what many term gun violence–namely, violent crime committed with a firearm.

And yet, it still happens. In fact, gun control certainly failed to save a deputy’s life there.

Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer was ambushed, shot and killed, in Palmdale while inside his police vehicle Saturday night around 6 p.m.

KTLA reported Clinkunbroomer was on duty in his vehicle “near the intersection of Sierra Avenue and Avenue Q” when someone in a passing vehicle opened fire.

FOX 11 noted Clinkunbroomer was parked outside the Palmdale Sheriff’s station when someone in another vehicle openced fire.

LA County sheriff Robert Luna asked the public to help law enforcement identify/locate the shooter: “”We really need your help. We need to get this guy off the street — guy or guys. He ambushed and killed one of our deputies. We need your help to get him off the street.”

Of course, this is the state with the most gun control in the nation, and yet this still happened.


“That’s not because of gun control,” someone might argue, but I have to take issue with that. If California’s gun control works, how did a criminal get a gun and shoot this deputy?

Either this is a prohibited person who wasn’t allowed to own a firearm–which is most likely–and gun control failed to keep him disarmed or this is someone who had never gotten a felony conviction before and would have skirted every gun control law you care to name.

That’s kind of the issue with gun control, though. It doesn’t keep the bad guys from getting guns and it can’t predict who will be a bad guy in the future.

Let’s remember that if someone is intending to break the law, there’s no reason to believe they’ll follow other laws unless it’s convenient to them. For example, after fleeing the scene, I’m willing to bet the shooter or shooters in this case made it a point to drive the speed limit, not because of some respect for the law but so they wouldn’t draw police suspicion.


Gun laws are no different. They’re only going to follow rules that are convenient to them. They’ll break any law that’s inconvenient. I mean, they’re criminals. Breaking laws is kind of in the job description.

California’s laws failed to protect this deputy. They’ve failed to protect thousands of people this year alone. They’ll always fail to protect people.

That’s because gun control is predicated on a flawed idea, that the issue is the tool itself, not the tool using it. Since the state is unwilling to address the underlying problems–and they have the resources to at least explore them–this is what you’re going to see.

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