More evidence that the law only applies to law-abiding

Image by fsHH from Pixabay

Over and over again, we’re told we need more gun laws because of the actions of people who are anything but law-abiding.

We shouldn’t have so-called assault weapons because some people have misused them. Never mind that these same people would have used whatever they could get their hands on to kill just as many people. No, those who actually obey the law should be punished for the actions of evil people.


But the truth is that people who don’t care about obeying the rules will simply break whatever rules they want.

Take this example out of Rochester, NY.

Rochester Police say they found six loaded guns inside a building on North Clinton Avenue early Saturday morning. Officers say there was gunfire inside that building while it was operating an unlicensed bar.

RPD first responded to the property on North Clinton Avenue near Rauber Street around 11:30 p.m. on Friday after getting complaints about an after-hours party. Officers say they heard loud music and saw multiple illegally parked cars.

Three hours later, RPD returned to the building after getting reports of shot fired. Officers saw people running and found multiple guns, along with a large quantity of narcotics, inside the building. No one was hit by the gunfire.

Among the firearms was an AR-style pistol and several other handguns.

Now, let’s look at this case for a moment. We’ve got everything from parking violations and loud music to an unlicensed bar to illegal guns and drugs.

I mean, if I didn’t know any better, I’d swear these weren’t law-abiding citizens here.

See, one of the problems with gun control is that it only impacts the law-abiding. It only controls those who are willing to accept that control.

Criminals, however, don’t.

For one thing, they don’t think they’ll get caught. The police showed up at this illegal bar earlier in the evening and were told that this was just a birthday party. When they left, the guy figured he was golden and probably felt pretty cocky.


He’d been breaking the law under the cops’ noses and got away with it.

I won’t say that people who break one or two laws will break any law. No, most people have a line somewhere that they won’t cross. It would be silly to say that someone who speeds will commit murder, after all.

But those who are willing to take a life aren’t necessarily going to quibble about speeding.

When it comes to gun control, those who are law-abiding are the only ones who will follow gun control laws, just like it’s the law-abiding who don’t run illegal bars out of their homes or tend to partake in illegal drugs as a general rule.

The biggest problem, though, is getting some other parties to understand it. They continue to push the idea that somehow you can control criminal behavior with just a few more laws despite ample evidence to the contrary.

The truth is that many simply choose to believe the laws will work because it makes them feel better about the laws they’re pushing for.

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