Why gun control won't prevent school shootings

Why gun control won't prevent school shootings
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I can’t speak for myself, but my heart drops every time we hear about another mass shooting at a school.

For one thing, it makes me glad to be a homeschool family. For another, though, the idea of kids being killed in a school shooting is horrifying to any parent. Any person, probably, though I think most parents think about it through the lens of, “What if that were my kid?”


When they happen, though, we invariably go into a whole debate about gun control. For the gun control advocates, it seems that their preferred policies are the magic bullet, the thing that will solve all of our problems.

Yet it won’t.

Take this example out of Minnesota:

Two students were detained Monday for bringing guns to Roseville High School, according to officials.

In a message sent to parents, Principal Jen Wilson said the incidents were unrelated and that both students were not in possession of the firearms when the weapons were found. The discovery prompted an increased police presence at the school.

“We take these situations very seriously. While we read about this in the news, it is very different when it is happening within our own school. We are appreciative of the diligent work of our staff and the partnership with the Roseville Police Department,” Wilson said.

Wilson released more updates Tuesday, saying the first incident happened in the morning and the other in the afternoon. In the first incident, staff members were de-escalating a conflict among a small group of students when they learned of a possible gun on one of the students, who was already separated from peers and with staff.

In the afternoon incident, school staff were doing a “routine search” after a student wasn’t following school rules, Wilson said. The incident moved outside and a gun was secured. The student involved was also detained.


First, thank God that nothing happened beyond what we’re talking about here. No one was hurt and that’s a big win all around. I think we can universally agree there.

But let’s take a look at the kind of laws they have in Minnesota. After all, while it’s not exactly California or New Jersey, it’s not a gun-friendly state either.

For example, they have permit-to-purchase and universal background check laws for handguns, yet that’s what both of these kids had.

Then we have to remember that there is no lawful campus carry for high school students anywhere in the nation. That’s another law that failed to prevent what we’re seeing here.

Yet these are the kind of laws we’re routinely told we need after any high-profile school shooting. Gun control activists say these kinds of laws will stop kids from getting guns in the first place. Yet, as we can see, Minnesota has these laws on the books already and the only reason we didn’t have a school shooting was because the kids with the guns simply didn’t decide to start killing people.


Maybe it’s just me, but if we’re going to combat school shootings in any meaningful way, we need to start looking at some aspect beyond the guns. Restricting law-abiding adults doesn’t stop kids from getting guns. Clearly.

We can do better.

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