Maryland gun owners prepare for new carry restrictions

Maryland gun owners prepare for new carry restrictions
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The state of Maryland, like a lot of other states, seemingly saw the Bruen decision as a mixed blessing. Yes, it killed “may issue” permitting but it did say that the law could prohibit the carrying of guns at sensitive places. It didn’t expressly define what those were, either, which meant they could try just about anything.


Except, Maryland seemingly went in a different direction.

They basically banned the carrying of a firearm damn near everywhere. It prohibits the carrying of a firearm at hospitals, schools, playgrounds, shopping centers, museums, and pretty much anywhere else you want to go. The exception is if there’s express permission to carry, which most places are unlikely to care enough either way to bother giving.

Now, the folks that live there are trying to figure out just how they’re going to function.

In a news report, someone gave a great example of just how screwed up the new rules actually are.

You can pump gas on the parking lot of a gas station but to go in and pay is a violation,” said Dave Folderauer, president of the Fraternal Order of Police in Baltimore County. “…If there’s anything going on there’s no way to take action without running back to your vehicle.”

The new law does not limit sworn police officers but it does limit retired officers and other owners who have permits to carry guns.

Clyde Boatright, president of Maryland’s Fraternal Order of Police, is challenging the new law. He believes it is unconstitutional and targets legal gun owners instead of the illegal owners.

Both Boatright and Folderauer are absolutely correct here.

The idea that you can carry while pumping gas but can’t run in to pay for your gas without leaving your firearm behind is idiotic. This is especially true when you remember that curb stores are popular targets for robberies, many of which end in someone being shot.


Yeah, can’t imagine why someone might want to take their gun inside.

But Maryland doesn’t see it that way.

You see, states like this don’t actually care about your rights. What they care about is seeming to want to do something about crime. Yet, as Boatright notes, literally none of this does anything about those who carry a gun illegally in the first place.

Take the curb store example for a second.

Does anyone think some crook is going to walk up to the door, then stop and say, “I really want to rob this place, but it’s against the law for me to take my gun inside, so I’ll have to go home and drop it off, then rob them with a knife,” or anything of the sort?

If you do, take a step back and say “Pop!”

That’s the sound of your head coming out of your posterior.

It’s never going to happen. Criminals will not care one way or another, but the good guys who might like to survive an encounter with an armed and violent criminal are also the ones most likely to follow Maryland’s insane new rules. They’re the ones who will leave the gun behind.

And absolutely nothing good will come of this.

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