Satirical product meant to scare on guns sounds awesome

Satirical product meant to scare on guns sounds awesome
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I’ll never be able to convince myself that there aren’t a lot of people out there who hate guns. Most people can’t, to be fair, so I’m hardly special in that regard.


Those who oppose gun rights often do all kinds of things to advance their cause. We’ve seen a lot of them over the years and they’ve met with varying degrees of success.

Yet it seems one outfit is trying to use satirical products to try and draw attention to what they see as the problem with guns. It’s an interesting approach, to be sure, but there’s just one problem.

The product they want to horrify you sounds kind of awesome.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2023 / — This Is America Clothing Company, the visionary creator behind the satirical concealed carry jacket that can fit more than 20 million different assault-style weapons, is thrilled to announce the release of their groundbreaking book, “This Is America Clothing Company Presents The AR Bomber Jacket,” available for purchase on Amazon. This provocative literary work aims to challenge societal norms by addressing the pressing need for comprehensive gun control measures in the United States, all complemented by a distinctive and thought-provoking marketing campaign.

“Our mission is to shine a spotlight on the critical issue of gun violence in America,” said Brandon McNichols, President of This Is America Clothing Company. “We intend to ignite conversations, foster awareness, and drive substantive change. The AR Bomber Jacket symbolizes the absurdity of our current gun laws.”

Employing a contemporary approach reminiscent of Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal,” McNichols tackles the contentious topics of lax gun laws, assault-style weaponry, and the Gun Show Loophole. The book commences by introducing a fictitious product—the AR Bomber Jacket—purportedly designed as a concealed-carry garment allowing users to conceal assault-style weapons. This startling concept is deliberately provocative, intended to initially shock and arouse outrage, directing focus towards the urgent need for reform.

“We are confident that our distinctive approach will galvanize individuals to take action and advocate for change. This book is not merely a statement; it’s a resounding call for a safer America,” McNichols emphasized.


And it might, but only because a jacket that will let me conceal an AR-15 sounds freaking awesome.

See, it’s pretty clear that McNichols doesn’t really understand the issue he’s opining on. The “gun show loophole” doesn’t actually exist. It’s just private transfers between individuals that are legal everywhere else, only they happen at a gun show. Most guns sold at gun shows, though, are sold by FFL holders who must conduct a NICS background check before releasing any guns.

With that in mind, I can see why he’d think a product like this would create outrage and, among his anti-gun crowd, it might.

For most Americans, they’re not that worked up over it. So long as you’re not threatening anyone with it, they don’t actually care. Especially if they don’t see it.

People who are into guns, well, that’s different.

A wise man once said that a handgun was for fighting your way to a long gun, yet much of the crime we might find ourselves having to fight will be in a time and place when a long gun isn’t available. We’re stuck with handguns.

If this product were real, that just might change that.

Realistically, there would be problems. I mean, it’s a bomber jacket. The physics for concealing something that long under a jacket like that isn’t going to vanish.

But I love it when the anti-gunners want to make guns look awful, so the concoct a product they’re sure will outrage people, only for it to sound kind of great. Maybe that says a lot about us, but I think it says more about those who blame guns for society’s ills.


It says they don’t know anything about what they’re saying.

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