Massie takes Swalwell to the proverbial woodshed over tweet

Massie takes Swalwell to the proverbial woodshed over tweet
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Rep. Thomas Massie is one of the most consistently pro-gun voices in Congress. The guy is a gun guy when a lot of people who talk to talk aren’t. Granted, you don’t have to be into guns to defend the right to keep and bear arms, but it does help.


A lot of Massie’s colleagues aren’t pro-gun, though.

Rep. Jamaal Bowman is one of them. Now, he’s in a bit of hot water for pulling the fire alarm at the Capitol and trying to cover himself.

Yet Bowman and Massie have a history. The Kentucky Republican decided to remind the public about it, too.

I remember when that happened. I wrote about it at the time.

It’s relevant right here and now in part because Bowman mouthed off and basically tried to stir up a fight in the Capitol, so it’s not beyond the possibility he’d pull the fire alarm to stop a vote. Now, did he? I have no idea whether his official story is plausible. Some say it’s not but others who have worked in that building claim it is. I honestly have no idea, nor do I care.

Massie, however, has a reason to bring it up considering how Bowman was.

Yet everyone’s favorite, Rep. Eric “Nuke ’em All” Swalwell had to get into the mix.


Now, we’ve seen that pic before, and it keeps being brought up by anti-gunners who are offended by the idea of Americans actually exercising their right to keep and bear arms.

But how is that a sign of instability or anything?

The weapons are all unloaded, appear to have an open bolt, and nothing in the mag well. They’re pointed in a safe direction and their fingers are all off the triggers. It’s about as responsible as you can get, yet Swalwell thinks this is somehow wrong.

That’s when the guy who talked about nuking Americans got nuked himself, even if only metaphorically.

Mic. Drop.

First, the whole “Fang Fang’s boyfriend” is a dig poking at the fact that Swalwell had ties to a Chinese spy who reportedly slept with powerful people, including Swalwell.

Yet the rest of it is where the real teeth are because it’s absolutely true.

There’s literally nothing with that picture that even hints at instability unless you somehow think owning guns–or, granted, just certain kinds of guns–is a sign of instability in and of itself.


Massie notes that Swalwell is a fan of red flag laws. For anyone who missed it, red flag laws empower the government to take guns from people who are supposedly a risk to themselves or others. You know, unstable people.

So Swalwell’s claim that this particular photograph shows an unstable person implies that anyone at all with an AR-15 is somehow unstable. When you think about the fact that this is an elected representative, it’s not difficult to imagine that he represents the views of a lot of other people.

Massie’s pointing this out is a prime example of an actual public service being performed by a member of Congress.

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