NRA has name suggestion for White House gun control office

NRA has name suggestion for White House gun control office
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The White House announced its new Office of Gun Violence Prevention recently and the anti-gunners are oh-so-thrilled. They’ve wanted this for a long time.


However, there was no effort made to talk to anyone on the other side like the NRA. That’s hardly surprising because there’s not really anyone in the current White House who cares what anyone on the gun rights side of things has to say.

That doesn’t mean groups like the NRA aren’t going to offer their thoughts, though.

For example, that name. Oh, it sounds nice, but it’s not really descriptive of what the office will really do, and since the government mandates a lot of truth in labeling laws, it’s only fair that they label their new office accurately.

I mean, if I call something “diet” and it actually has more of all the stuff that makes you fat, Uncle Sam will drop on me like a ton of bricks. So fair is fair.

And the NRA has a suggestion.

The NRA slammed President Biden’s launch of the first-ever federal office to address “gun violence prevention,” while criticizing the office’s director, who has repeatedly vowed on social media to help “defeat” the Second Amendment group.

“The Biden administration’s new White House Office of so-called ‘Gun Violence Prevention’ might as well be renamed the ‘Federal Office to Disarm Law-Abiding Americans and Defeat the NRA.’ One doesn’t have to look far into Stefanie Feldman’s social media to see biases and agenda: a barrage of over 20 posts aggressively targeting the NRA, combined with promises of ‘big, bold’ executive action on gun control, paints a clear picture,” NRA spokesman Billy McLaughlin told Fox News Digital.

Biden announced the creation of the first-ever White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention last week, with Vice President Kamala Harris leading the office and Stefanie Feldman serving as the office’s director. Feldman is a longtime Biden aide.


I mean, it’s not like the NRA is wrong here.

Look, the NRA is the proverbial 800 lbs gorilla of the gun rights movement. They’re so big, in fact, that the anti-gun side uses the organization’s name as a euphemism for gun rights in general. For any anti-gunner, the goal is to “defeat the NRA.”

And yes, that’s exactly what this new office is about. It’s a taxpayer-funded political organization designed to strip away people’s rights, all in the name of “gun safety” or some other pointless euphemism for gun control.

If that’s the office’s mission, then it really should be reflected in the name.

Yes, the NRA is mostly mocking the office and the White House and I’m not deluding myself into believing they’d ever rename the office to be more descriptive of its true mission. But we all know what it is and we might as well remind everyone at every opportunity.

The anti-gun side wanted this. For that reason alone, we should oppose it. Especially since there is literally no one who will work in that office who doesn’t see gun control as the answer to all of life’s ills.


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