Gun show back in down, but not at Del Mar Fairgrounds

Gun show back in down, but not at Del Mar Fairgrounds
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Not that long ago, Del Mar Fairgrounds in San Diego was the host to an annual gun show. People came from miles around to attend, all following both federal and California state gun control laws. In other words, there was no “gun show loophole” to be found.


Granted, there’s not one anywhere else, either, but still…

Then there was all kinds of outrage. Gun shows are bad, you see, because guns are there and guns are bad. Gov. Gavin Newsom decided to shut down the gun show at Del Mar. After all, it’s state-owned property. He decreed that gun shows couldn’t be held on state property.

That put an end to that, now didn’t it?

Well, not, it really didn’t.

 The San Diego Gun Show is coming back to town after being turned away at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

Gov. Gavin Newsom prohibited all gun shows on state property, sending gun show organizers searching for alternative venues.

“The fairgrounds were the perfect venue for a gun show, it is exactly the type of venue we needed,” said Michael Schwartz from the San Diego County Gun Owners Pac.

Now, the San Diego Gun Show has headed off the coast.

Gun control activists are unhappy with the new announcement.

Gun control activists can pound sand.

Newsom thought he was being clever, but let’s talk about what really happened here.

He declared that this gun show couldn’t be held at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, which he had the ability to do, but it didn’t stop this gun show from happening. He didn’t actually end gun shows in San Diego or anywhere else in the state.

All he managed to do was make it so these gun shows wouldn’t be held on state property, which means the state isn’t getting the rental fees for those properties.


That’s right, Newsom tried so hard to hurt gun shows that the only people he managed to screw over are the people of California.

Absolutely brilliant.

Maybe that’s why he had to push for a sin tax on guns in the state. He figured he needed to try and make up the revenue he deprived the government of and taxing guns and ammo was the only way to do it in a way that only pisses off the people who are already angry at him.

Or maybe not.

Either way, gun shows will find a way. Del Mar Fairgrounds weren’t the only place to have one and that’s true of any state property. It would be nice if people like Newsom would come to recognize that you’re not going to stop the lawful sale of firearms. You’d do much, much better to accept that and start focusing your attention elsewhere if you’re serious about crime.

Then again, that’s probably presuming far too much. We already know that anti-gunners don’t expect criminals to obey the laws anyway. Why would they suddenly stop pushing for policies they know don’t work in the first place?

But like the gun shows, we will find a way.

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