Connecticut now requires permit for open carry

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

In the gun community, there is a debate between open carry and concealed carry. Some think openly carrying a firearm is a good thing as it not only shows you’re a poor target but also reminds people that yes, carrying a firearm is illegal.


The other side believes it’s a tactical advantage not to display that you’re carrying as well as not potentially freaking people out.

At the end of the day, though, most on both sides agree that it should be the individual’s option which they do. Laws restricting either are extremely problematic.

In many states, though, open carry is the only option for those without a permit.

Connecticut apparently used to be one of those states. Now, it’s not.

The new ban on open carrying of firearms in the state should help curb a recurring complaint to police from people who report being alarmed and intimidated by the conspicuous display of guns, the head of the Connecticut Police Chiefs Association said.

“As far as open carry versus concealed, it makes our job easier in that, when we are called for a person open carrying, we can now identify them and confirm they actually have a pistol permit, where in the past they could refuse to identify themselves and refuse to produce their permit,” Melanson said. “This left the police frustrated and helpless on these calls for service.”

He and others also have noted that the overwhelming majority of gun owners in Connecticut were already carrying their guns concealed, so the new law, Melanson said, “will not make officers more or less safe. However, it does have a very positive impact on how we can now handle a very small percentage of our calls for service.”

So it won’t actually impact officer safety nor will it impact crime in any appreciable way, it’ll just make police officers feel a tad bit safer? Seriously?


That’s not the reason to infringe on anyone’s right to bear arms. It’s just not.

Especially since criminals don’t open carry. They haven’t since a time when horses were the primary means of transportation. Even then, when confronted with a town that didn’t allow people to carry guns, they would carry concealed and do so illegally.

Today, though, even where it’s legal, the bad guys still carry concealed regardless of the law.

There was never an issue with people open carrying except that some people experience discomfort seeing a gun.

After all, Melanson doesn’t try to pretend officers are more safe now than before the restriction.

I can’t help but wonder where Connecticut draws the line, though. This makes police officers’ jobs a little easier, so what’s next? Will they try to lower the threshold for probable cause? The line has to exist somewhere and this suggests our rights are secondary to officer convenience and comfort.

That should never be the case.

Especially since no one is pretending that this measure has anything to do with safety, which is interesting since that’s the usual reason for gun control.

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