500 Guns Seized in Michigan

500 Guns Seized in Michigan
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Gun control proponents are really big on the idea that some people shouldn’t have guns. I won’t say that I necessarily disagree–I’ve known too many people who are a danger to themselves when opening a Coke bottle, after all–but we tend to disagree as to whether the government should be involved in the process.


In Michigan, they most definitely are.

You see, it’s not just about the laws on the books there. It seems it’s also about basically going door-to-door to make sure those people are disarmed.

A statewide public safety campaign has led to the removal of more than 500 illegal guns from people on probation or parole.

That’s according to an update on Michigan’s Operation Safe Neighborhoods initiative, which involves the Michigan Department of Corrections working with local law enforcement to conduct compliance checks on people under state supervision.

Corrections department Legislative Liaison Kyle Kaminski said the program has been effective since it launched a little over a year ago.

“We are confident that getting 500 guns out of the hands of high risk folks has made communities safer. It’s probably saved people’s lives, made communities safer; it’s probably helped prevent the escalation of violence in communities,” Kaminski said.

He said the targeted searches involve agents going out with local law enforcement to the homes or workplaces of people on parole or probation who aren’t allowed to have a gun to check for compliance.

Now, there are issues with this.

One is that someone can get probation for a non-felony. If they’re not enough of a danger to society for either a felony conviction or imprisonment, why are they being denied their gun rights?

As for making anyone safer, well, I’m unconvinced.

Those on probation or parole who want to commit violent crimes with a firearm likely have a way to get another gun easily enough. Those who won’t do anything are the only ones who are disarmed.


Kind of like how gun control works in general.

Don’t get me wrong, that’s part of the deal these guys sign up for in order to either stay out of jail or to get out, but that doesn’t mean it’s right.

Unfortunately, Michigan isn’t actually a state that cares about that sort of thing these days.

Nor do they seem to realize that the problem isn’t that these people have guns but that they’re the type of people who might use them. Address the underlying problems and you can hand them rocket launchers without issue. Don’t address it and they’ll beat someone with a rock if that’s all they can get their hands on.

Then there’s the part of me that likes his hats out of aluminum and in foil form that wonders if this is a dress rehearsal for total gun confiscation.

I’m inclined to think it’s not, mostly because they have the authority for this–it’s part of the parole or probation agreement all these guys signed–whereas they don’t have any such thing for other folks.

Not that knowing this makes me feel any better about this.

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