California Police Find 100 Guns During Child Porn Arrest

Gail Burton

The state of California has the most stringent gun control laws in the nation. That’s not even a matter up for debate. Literally everyone agrees with that; from the NRA to Everytown.


These laws are intended to keep guns out of the hands of bad people.

We all know that they don’t actually do any such thing, but that’s the intention and that’s the justification for every bit of gun control foisted onto the people of that state.

And when we talk about bad people, that’s a wide range of folks. However, this guy is (allegedly) one of the worst and the gun control laws there accomplished nothing.

Police investigating a child pornography case in Paso Robles discovered more than 100 weapons in the process, leading to the arrest of two men, the department said in a news release.

On Thursday, Paso Robles police detectives carried out two search warrants in the 4200 block of Aerotech Center Way and 100 block of Cardinal Way, the release said. Detectives recovered several electronic devices from both locations.

Police also “stumbled upon” more than 100 weapons — many of which were illegal assault weapons — at the Aerotech Center Way location, the release said.

That’s right, the kind of guys who would allegedly take part in the exploitation of children are also the kind of guys who wouldn’t respect California’s extensive gun control regulations.


See, pretty much everyone would agree that what these guys are accused of possessing outside of the guns is wrong. Those who don’t agree are probably people who should be investigated themselves, if you ask me, but most are going to think this is disgusting and should be prosecuted.

The guns aren’t, though. We’ve long said people who respect the law aren’t going to break the law. Those with no respect for the law won’t be deterred by the law.


This is a prime example.

We tend to focus on drug dealers, armed robbers, and the like, but those guys aren’t nearly as troubling to me as those who would take part in the exploitation of children, either doing it themselves or consuming the fruits of that exploitation.

California’s gun control laws were nothing to people who would take part in something like that. They were nothing at all. Why would they be?

I can at least wrap my head around how someone would go down a criminal path and rob a convenience store or deal drugs. I can comprehend why someone would consider burglary.

This kind of thing? Nope, and if I could, I don’t think I would.

And so they had a ton of guns, too. If they’d been caught by a lot of us, they’d probably need every last one of them, too.

But they couldn’t lawfully have them in California.

Then again, they couldn’t lawfully have the porn on their computers, either, and yet they did.

You’re never going to stop bad actors from getting guns. It’s never going to happen. Even the worst of the worst will get them if they want them. People need to start realizing that.

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