Gun Control Advocates Missing Point In Texas Shooting

Gun Control Advocates Missing Point In Texas Shooting
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A shooting at the State Fair of Texas shouldn’t have had anything to do with gun control. After all, the accused gunman had the gun in violation of the rules of the fair that only allowed people with valid concealed carry permits to have a gun on the premises–this despite Texas being a constitutional carry state, I should add–and the alleged shooter didn’t have one.


Yet there’s a thing we must remember about gun control advocates. They never let go of an opportunity to use an incident to their advantage if there’s any way they can.

And so, with the state fair shooting, they’re chomping at the bit.

Nicole Golden, executive director of Texas Gun Sense, counts Dallas’ fair shooting as another example of Texas’ “gun violence crisis.” The way she sees it, the presence of guns at such big events highlights the need for greater regulations.

“Alarming statistics from the Gun Violence Archive reveal that in the course of this year, there have been 52 mass shootings in Texas, resulting in the tragic loss of 63 lives and the injury of 211 individuals,” Golden said in a statement to the Observer. “We call on our state leadership to prioritize policies that promote safety over reckless gun usage.”

The way Swami sees it, it’s “outrageous” that guns are allowed in family-friendly places like the fair to begin with.

“You shouldn’t be taking your kids to the fair to eat really good Tex-Mex food, and go on rides and just have a great fall weekend with your family, and have a fear of them getting shot and not coming home,” she said.

I happen to agree with that last line, which is why I carry a gun.

What we’re seeing in Texas right now is no different than what we see all the time. Gun control advocates continually ignore the fact that gun control failed in this case as it has in so many others. Yes, this one wasn’t a law, but what is a law but a rule that comes with legal ramifications for breaking it?


In this case, the rules were in place and the alleged bad guy decided to violate those rules. How he did it is another topic entirely, but we know that he did. That’s indisputable.

Yet gun control advocates would argue that were the law just a smidge different, everything would have been different. I’m sorry, but that’s a pipe dream.

That doesn’t matter, though, because they want to see the fair ban all firearms. Why? Because someone who wasn’t permitted to have one did something he wasn’t allowed to do. As per usual, their answer for someone who broke the rules is to punish those who didn’t.

It’s just par for the course with the anti-gun crowd. They claim to respect the Second Amendment, but their every action says otherwise.

The rules weren’t the problem in Texas. If anything, they had too many people disarmed so no one present could deal with the gunman.

That’s now the narrative being painted, though.

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