Kids Find Gun In School Trash Can in Gun-Controlled Maryland

AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

The state of Maryland likes gun control a lot. Maybe they haven’t gone down the path of, say, California, but that’s not been for lack of trying.

All that gun control is claimed to be aimed at reducing guns in the hands of bad people.


And yet, it doesn’t seem to do all that much good. Not if people are going to dump guns in school trash cans.

School officials say a group of Montgomery County elementary school students found a gun in a trash can on school grounds in Silver Spring.

Montgomery County Police confiscated the firearm. No injuries were reported.

“I want to assure you that I take this incident very seriously, as the safety of all our student and staff is very important to me,” said Lashley in part in the letter. “We are committed to maintaining a secure and nurturing environment where all students can thrive academically and socially. I will continue to work closely with Montgomery County Police and our security personnel as they investigate and support is with this incident.”

We haven’t been able to determine if Hunter or Hallie Biden had been in the area.

More seriously, there was a fatal shooting across the street from the school on Monday. There’s no word as to whether the gun in question was related to that shooting or not, but this seems to be too much to just chalk up to coincidence.

It might be. It just doesn’t seem likely.

And again, this is gun-controlled Maryland. If gun control is supposed to work as advertised, then just how did a gun not only get used in a fatal shooting but then another end up across the street from that shooting in a trash can?

I’m pretty sure the trash can didn’t fill out a Form 4473, after all.

The truth is that gun control doesn’t work. It’s never worked, and Maryland’s efforts to try and make it work are beyond ridiculous, much as they are in other states.


We know that Montgomery County is basically a DC suburb. That means it shares in at least some of the challenges the district has, particularly with regard to violent crime. It also means that gun control in either location accomplished absolutely nothing.

Then again, what part of that is shocking?

The District of Columbia has long had a violent crime problem and a ton of gun control. They tend to blame their issues on surrounding areas not having the same strict laws they have, but we also know that’s nonsense. Stolen guns make up the largest portion of guns used in violent crime anyway.

Those guns are then used and often disposed of, sometimes where kids can find them.

In this case, it looks like a trash can on school property.

That’s because those inclined to break the law in the first place are generally not the kind of people who are going to trip over themselves to be responsible. They generally only care about themselves and their own hides.

Luckily, the kid who found this gun reported it and it won’t be used to hurt anyone else, but it’s clear that the laws on the books aren’t doing what they’re meant to.


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