David Hogg Blames Violence on Suburban White Women

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

David Hogg wasn’t likely to amount to all that much before the Parkland shooting. I’m not saying he was a loser who would have ended up on the streets or anything, but no one would have heard of him were it not for what happened that day.


But Parkland happened, the news crews put a camera in front of his face, and he said all the right things to become a media darling.

And that’s a bit of an issue because, honestly, his takes are often idiotic.

Yet his most recent one isn’t just bad from a Second Amendment standpoint, it’s kind of misogynistic.

That’s right, folks, the reason for gun violence in our nation today is because suburban white women won’t vote like they’re told to vote.

That’s it.

White women in the suburbs are the reason why have violent crimes committed with firearms.

Now, understand that demographics are generalizations based on certain features and don’t accurately describe every member of that group, so not all suburban white women vote for Republicans, but sure, a lot of them do.

And a lot of people kind of had an issue with Hogg’s comment.


And that’s probably enough because I don’t want to muscle in our sister site Twitchy’s schtick.

Truth be told, though, a lot of people had issue with Hogg’s comments, as they should have.

See, Hogg has made it his mission in life to see guns as the enemy. For all his talk about being a gun owner and going to gun ranges and such, he’s still guilty of seeing gun–even if only certain firearms–as the problem.

He can’t see past that, generally.

Yet, when we tell him the problem is people, this is the only way you’ll get him to agree. The issue isn’t criminals or the insane but that women won’t do what a man such as Hogg tells them to do.

In this case, it’s voting Democrat despite all the other reasons why someone might prefer a Republican candidate. Things like economics, education, foreign policy, or even prosecuting criminals for a change should matter to suburban white women.


Oh no, they need to shut up and vote like they’re being told to vote.

The fact that women are, on average, physically weaker than violent thugs and benefit the most from having a gun shouldn’t enter their minds. They shouldn’t consider the fact that in a completely disarmed society, they’re well and truly screwed if they’re targeted by a violent felon.

No, all that should enter their mind is that David Hogg wants them to vote a certain way.

In all seriousness, I don’t actually think Hogg meant it the way a lot of people, myself included, took it. Yet let’s also remember that Hogg wouldn’t be so charitable if I were the one who suggested a certain demographic was somehow responsible for some particular problem.

Then again, I don’t actually know that he didn’t.

After all, he went to Harvard. Since some from his alma mater have come right out in support of a terrorist organization, I can’t rule out a little recreational misogyny as part of the environment there, now can I?

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