This Is Why We Have A Violent Crime Problem, Not Guns

This Is Why We Have A Violent Crime Problem, Not Guns
AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes

Since 2020, we’ve had a bit problem with violent crime.

For some people, that has been an excuse to reiterate their desire to see gun control laws passed. After all, the three decades of lower violent crime and now new gun control laws aren’t signs that guns might not be the problem, they’re just an excuse to pass them in the first place.


But there are also problems with prosecutors who don’t seem to be, well, prosecuting people.

Now, there are times when I understand the lack of prosecutions. There may not be enough evidence to bother wasting the resources on trying someone you know is going to walk in the first place. After all, double jeopardy is a thing, so not prosecuting could make sense.

But what about a case like this?

Soft-on crime Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón is at it again—in his latest episode, he declined to file felony charges against a man caught on tape sexually assaulting a woman on a Long Beach sidewalk because he thought prosecutors would be “unable to prove restraint … nor specific intent.”

It’s pretty clear what this attacker’s specific intent was.

The George Soros-backed Gascón is one of a number of woke DAs who have turned many of our nation’s cities into war zones with their light charges and unwillingness to hold criminals to account.

The attack came on October 20 as Rebekah Pedersen was walking alone when a homeless man came up from behind and lifted her dress, causing her to fall. Luckily, a good Samaritan happened to intervene and scared the suspect off. The victim was understandably traumatized and called the assault “absolutely disgusting.”

“When I turned around, I did notice he started picking up his pants,” she said. “If it wasn’t in broad daylight, and that [good Samaritan] was sitting there, [the suspect] would have raped me.”


I don’t know. That video seems pretty clear-cut to me.

The guy apparently pulls his junk out then grabs the woman and knocks her to the ground, all while his private parts are fully exposed. If you can’t figure out intent from that, you should really donate your brain to someone who will use it.

And yet, Gascon isn’t prosecuting. He’s going to let this guy basically walk despite video showing the assault take place, particularly with the “suspect’s” genitalia exposed and apparently as part of the assault, and his reasoning is that because the jury can’t literally read the guy’s mind, he’s unlikely to get a conviction.

Folks, this is why we have a violent crime problem.

If people think they can get away with crimes, there’s no deterrent to being a violent criminal. As a result, violent crime is doing to soar.

After all, if this guy is getting away with sexual assault when it was on video then how are they going to get caught for a violent crime that’s not being videoed.

I’d feel worse for the people of LA were it not for the fact that they voted for this guy.

Meanwhile, a lot of them blame the guns that are no more accessible today than they were 20 years ago when the homicide rate was dropping and they can’t see that the big difference is in what’s not being prosecuted.


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