Fawning Coverage Of Anti-Gun Effort Leaves Out A Lot

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It’s strange to me just how much the media fawns over anti-gun efforts. There’s never any critical analysis involved, just celebratory coverage that’s designed to make it look like everything they do either works or it would were it not for evil Republican lawmakers.


Because despite claims of non-partisanship, gun control groups are partisan as they come.

The reason I bring this up is because ABC News had a report about anti-gun efforts to get gun control candidates elected in the recent off-year elections.

As gun violence continues to be a major flash point around the country, one of the nation’s largest gun control advocacy groups has been pushing a program to get people who have been affected by a shooting to get involved with politics.

Everytown for Gun Safety started its Demand a Seat program in 2021 to train and assist grassroots volunteers and gun violence survivors running for office or interested in running campaigns.

The program is funded with over $1.5 million in investments and has had volunteers in every state, according to Angela Ferrell-Zabala, executive director of Moms Demand Action, an Everytown division.

Now, $1.5 million isn’t a lot for a national effort. There are a ton of seats open in any election if you count local ones, and sure enough, this sent money to local candidates.


But this is about the program, and the article goes on to describe a program that sounds effective.

Ferrell-Zabala said last year, 158 out of 275 Demand a Seat candidates won their races for office, and the non-profit is looking to have similar successes this year.

That certainly looks like a decent percentage, all things considered, though it doesn’t really delve into too much about what criteria they’re looking for with those candidates.

After all, it’s not difficult to win if you’re backing candidates that are unlikely to lose.

And, to be sure, they did.

ABC News talked to two candidates, one who lost and then this guy:

Demand a Seat participant Rozia Henson Jr., a Democrat who won Tuesday in a race for a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates, told ABC News Live that gun control has always been a major issue in his political career.

He said he is inspired by the youth volunteer efforts and said that more voices in office that call for gun control will lead to less violence.

But hey, he won, right?

Sure, but it’s hard to lose when you’re unopposed. It’s kind of difficult to see how the program is a massive benefit to a guy who literally cannot lose.


Then again, if he did manage to lose, that would be real news.

Look, I don’t care that this program exists. It’s a small thing that all kinds of political groups do if they’ve got the money for it.

What bothers me is the coverage. There’s no critical pieces, no counterpoints. It’s nothing but promotion for Everytown’s effort and it’s disgusting.

You’ll never see coverage like this for a similar GOA or NRA program, now would you? Of course not.

Yet many still think the media is unbiased. It would be cute if it weren’t so sad.

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