Hollywood's Not Even Pretending Anymore

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Hollywood is the land of make-believe. You can’t just assume anything you see is real, and not just on the screen, either.

Once, film and television was filled with a variety of choices. Yeah, there were plenty of overly political stinkers, but there were also a lot of movies that seemed to cater to a broader audience that were generally devoid of messages. They wanted to entertain, at least to some degree.


In recent years, though, Hollywood executive have been so thoroughly engulfed in the brain cloud that exists over much of Los Angeles that they’ve forgotten most people don’t want to be lectured to about political and social issues.

After all, the MCU was a cash cow for a decade, then they decided to push “diversity” and “inclusion” instead of just trying to tell good stories, leading to The Marvels setting the lowest opening weekend of any MCU movie.

And it seems no one has learned their lesson.

Brady United for Gun Control has recently announced its collaboration with Hollywood executives and producers to promote gun control.

The declining viewership of Hollywood awards shows, such as the Oscars, indicates a growing disinterest in the political opinions of Hollywood elites. This sentiment is mirrored in the public’s response to gun control groups advocating for community safety while supporting officials who are lenient on crime and restricting law-abiding citizens’ rights to self-defense.

Brady United has enlisted the help of three prominent figures to further their gun control agenda. These include Christy Callahan, a former motion picture executive and TV writer; Jared Milrad, a filmmaker and advocate for social inclusion in entertainment; and Matt Littman, a former chief speechwriter for then-Senator Joe Biden and current senior advisor to President Biden’s reelection campaign.


Now, raise your hand if you’re shocked by this.

No one? Can’t say that that surprises me either.

Hollywood has been had left for as long as I can remember, but they’ve also always figured that the American people needed to know all about their politics. It didn’t help that no one slapped them down when they made political stands at things like award shows. It just encouraged them.

Now, in fairness to all parties involved, this is really a case of Brady bringing in people from Hollywood to act on Brady’s behalf so as to push gun control versus Brady trying to get them to create anti-gun films.

So that’s something, at least.

Yet this is also a prime example of how Hollywood types don’t really connect with most people in America. They’re vehemently anti-gun and will side with a group like Brady that has a long history of curtailing people’s rights, all while ignoring all the vile things taking place in their own community.

Let’s not forget that Harvey Weinstein existed and preyed upon actresses for decades in Hollywood and few people said anything, much less did anything.


So forgive Americans if they’re unwilling to accept the moralizing stances of Hollywood elites who acted so immorally.

But any hope that Hollywood would at least pretend to care about what the American people want is being shredded and has been for some time. They want to tell you what to think, not provide you with entertainment.

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