Anti-Semitism and the Second Amendment

(AP Photo/Dan Balilty)

Since the moment Hamas rolled over the border of Gaza and began its attack on Israeli civilians, something bizarre has been going on. I get that a lot of people disagree with Israel on a number of points, but the outpouring of blatant antisemitism has been more than a little alarming.


While polling suggests there’s still support for Israel, a lot of people are very vocal about their desire to see the Jewish people there exterminated.

And at least some attacks have taken place against Jews and Jewish places and there isn’t even a hint that the antisemitism will slow down.

Which brings some of us to the Second Amendment.

Last month, American Jews awoke on a Saturday morning to the horrific news that Hamas terrorists had waged a barbaric attack on several communities across southern Israel.

Mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, and even babies were slaughtered in ways that are too sickening to publish in these pages. Over 1,200 were killed on the bloodiest day for the Jewish people since the Holocaust, and all too often, the victims were left defenseless because of gun control enacted by their own elected leaders.

While many are rightfully outraged at Hamas, this war has also led to an alarming spike in antisemitic views and assaults directed toward the Jewish diaspora and those who stand with Israel.

If world leaders truly cared about protecting their citizens and ensuring their safety, they would be demanding a rollback of the very same policies the Nazi regime used to disarm Jews in the 1930s.

Thankfully for Americans, the U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly reaffirmed that citizens have the right to keep and bear arms, both inside and outside of one’s home. In addition, this inalienable right belongs to all Americans, no matter their race, gender, faith or nationality of origin. Predating even our Constitution, this right is the ultimate guard that keeps a free people free.

Yet despite the rulings from the nation’s high court, some American politicians are fighting to disarm the people and leave them defenseless.


To paraphrase my friend Yehuda Remer, Jews with ARs don’t get put in cattle cars.

The truth of the matter is that any group that feels they’re likely to be targeted owe it to themselves to exercise their Second Amendment rights. That’s especially true of a group like Jews; people who were the target of genocide and are still reviled by many throughout the world.

If people want to hurt you, it just makes sense to have the means to defend yourself.

Some people argue that many Jews have supported gun control in this nation, and they’re not wrong. A number of Jewish Democrats in Congress, for example, have favored anti-gun legislation. To that I say, “So what?”

What’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong. I’m not going to just shrug off the very real threats to Jewish people from the rampant anti-Semitism we’re seeing just because some people who happen to be part of the same group stood on the wrong side of the issue.

To Jewish folks all over the nation, get to a gun store. Buy a firearm in accordance with relevant local laws–not because those laws are right but because failure to do so may land you in prison–and learn how to use that firearm.


Then if the anti-Semitism comes for you, you’re ready to show that “Never again” is a pledge, not a wish.

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