Texas Suicide Stats Not Reason for Gun Control

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It’s always darkly amusing to me how gun control advocates can pretend their preferred policies are the answer to just about everything. It doesn’t matter what the kind of violence, the exact same policies will make all of those issues go away.


One of those issues, however, is suicide.

Now, suicide is a serious problem and it’s one I feel the gun community needs to take very seriously and address. Part of the reason for that is the obvious fact that suicide takes lives but another part is how suicides are used to justify gun control.

Usually, they just lump them all in “gun deaths” and push those numbers as if all of them are the same thing, but sometimes they specifically talk about suicides, like this article looking at Texas.

Wow. A left-leaning organization that serves as a mouthpiece for anything Democrats want argues that the issue is a lack of gun control.


Shocking, right?

Let’s move on a bit.


“Gun safety advocates”–and anyone using that euphemism for gun control proponents is displaying a egregious amount of bias–are always going to say anything highlights the need for gun control policies. It’s what they do.

So what kind of policies are we talking about here?

The problem with that last argument is that permitless carry doesn’t have anything to do with obtaining a gun, having one in the home, or literally anything but the ability to carry one on your person when you leave the house without a permit.

A background check for a carry permit doesn’t do more than make sure you’re not prohibited from having or carrying a firearm, which wouldn’t raise any flags for people who might later want to take their own life.


There’s literally no evidence to suggest it has a negative impact on suicides.

Then again, look at those policies in that first quoted paragraph a moment and then tell me those are likely to do anything.

It’s funny how things like waiting periods are supposed to reduce both homicides and suicides. The same with regard to red flag laws and mandatory storage laws and other measures trotted out to supposedly reduce whatever evil you care to name.

Meanwhile, the evidence from even the heavily biased anti-gun studies out there are far from conclusive. Even Rand had a hard time finding support for a lot of these policies, and as a leftist think tank, they actually wanted to.

This is especially true in Texas.

Things like waiting periods presupposes that those who want to take their own life are doing it both spontaneously and lack a firearm of their own. This is Texas, though, where a large chunk of the population has guns.

Mandatory storage laws also tend to suppose this is a spontaneous act, which it’s often not.

The truth of the matter is that gun control isn’t the answer to suicides if for no other reason than nearly half of all suicides don’t involve firearms. While guns are used more often, removal of guns from the equation doesn’t equate to lives saved. Someone who is determined to take their own life can and will find a way.


Yet gun control approaches ignore the person. They ignore the pain that person feels, the suffering they’re undergoing, and only focuses on removing one item that they might use to end it all.

Why aren’t they focused on healing the person in question. Why not provide a better way and approach them and try to help them through the pain and suffering?

It’s because they don’t care.

For them, suicides are a pretext for gun control, not something to try and prevent as a whole.

If you or someone you know is experiencing suicidal thoughts or a crisis, please reach out immediately to the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 988.

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