LA-Based Rabbi Urging Gun Ownership Amid Antisemitism

AP Photo/Michael Conroy, File

These days, the media likes to push clergy, be they pastor, priest, or rabbi, that are anti-gun. They want folks to believe that gun ownership is somehow an affront before God, however you worship Him or something.


I don’t know for certain, but that’s the vibe I keep getting from these countless stories.

Yet in the wake of the October 7th attacks in Israel, antisemitism seems to be on the rise here in the United States. It’s so bad that we’re now seeing a report of a rabbi in Los Angeles who is urging Jews there to get firearms.

Gun ownership in California’s Jewish community is spiking as Jews take self-defense into their own hands while the war in Israel continues raging, according to a rabbi who trains the community on gun safety.

“Magen Am’s mission is to train and empower the community to deter and respond to security threats. We’re trying to give everybody the tool to be empowered to protect themselves,” Los Angeles-based Rabbi Yossi Eilfort said in a video produced by the NRA exclusively obtained by Fox News Digital.

Eilfort is an NRA instructor and founder of Magen Am USA, the only Jewish, nonprofit organization licensed on the West Coast to provide armed security services.

Magen Am, which operates in LA as well as Phoenix, trains volunteers and community members in extensive classes on gun safety, hand-to-hand self-defense, de-escalation, verbal tactics and the use of intermediate weapons such as Tasers or batons.

Fox News Digital also spoke with the owner of Beverly Hills Guns, Russell Stuart, who has known Eilfort for years and said there has been an explosion of California Jews rushing to purchase firearms for self-defense as the war in Israel continues and instances of antisemitism increase stateside.


Eilfort is absolutely right to urge gun ownership and to find a way to provide armed security for places that might otherwise be vulnerable.

And in California, that’s important.

The laws in place there mean that many people are vulnerable because the state doesn’t trust anyone to be armed in so many places. Such laws often wouldn’t even allow a rabbi to be armed in his own synagogue, as an example.

But a lot of places do allow armed third-party security to step in and provide that protection.

And in the meantime, people are vulnerable elsewhere. Based on what we’ve seen in many cities, Jews are especially vulnerable to being targeted due to no other reason than hate.

When someone potentially hates you that much, it only makes sense to have a gun to protect you and yours from being killed due to another’s bigotry.

And if your rabbi is able to give you well-rounded training–and since Eilfort is also a former MMA fighter in addition to a firearm instructor, I’d definitely listen to him–why would you not?

It’s a shame that it’s necessary. It shouldn’t be. We shouldn’t have to worry about anyone being targeted because of their race, religion, or anything else. In a perfect world, that wouldn’t happen. We don’t live in a perfect world, though. We’re stuck with this one.


And in this one, some Jews in LA are listening to their rabbi and getting guns.

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