New Laws Frustrate Hawaii Gun Owners, and With Good Reason

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Hawaii is one of those states that a lot of people dream of living in, though that goes out the window when they start looking at the cost of living there. It was high even back in the days before rampant inflation. I don’t even want to think about what it’s like now.


Then, of course, we have the gun laws.

The Aloha State is notorious for its anti-gun policies and for having lawmakers who desperately favor such laws.

A recent addition to their laws is a requirement for a training class before someone can get a gun permit. This is a terrible law that actually accomplishes nothing in and of itself, but that’s not the worst part. It’s the supposed implementation of it.

A new law goes into effect across Hawaii on Jan. 1, 2024, that will require people who want to get a handgun permit to first complete a safety training course taught by a verified instructor.

The problem is the Honolulu Police Department has not certified any instructors yet, therefore it will be impossible to get a permit.

Andrew Namiki Roberts from the Hawaii Firearms Coalition said the Honolulu Police Department has done very little to get ready for the changes that came with the new firearms law.

“This is not just a Honolulu Police Department problem, it’s a statewide problem. Maui had a hearing last week, they made changes that kind of go into effect on time. Kauai had no information, they didn’t seem to know the law was changing. The Big Island said there waiting till Honolulu makes their rules and they’ll copy those,” said Namiki Roberts.

Namiki Roberts believes both the state and the city may find themselves in court over this issue.


It’s not like the Honolulu PD didn’t know this was coming. They’ve had plenty of time to approve instructors and they just haven’t.

There are other states that are monkeying around with who is an approved instructor or not as well, all of which will make it impossible, at least for a time, for anyone to lawfully buy firearms in these states.

It’s just that right now, this is Hawaii.

So I get where folks there are coming from. The question is, what good would going to court do?

The law is wrong. Don’t get me twisted here. I think training requirements are awful and I don’t like the government deciding who can and cannot teach a class that is somehow necessary in order to exercise a constitutionally protected right.

That will take time to worth through the system, though, and all the Honolulu PD has to do to yank standing out from the case is to simply approve a couple of instructors. Now, people can get the training and so there’s no grounds to sue claiming you can’t get it.

Which would require filing another lawsuit to challenge the training requirement entirely.

Even if the HPD doesn’t pull a stunt like that, I think you’d find a number of judges would figure that a training requirement is totally in keeping with Bruen somehow, which would take still more time working it up the judicial ladder.


That’s not to say that lawsuits have no place in this. I’m just saying there would be a massive delay in getting results.

In the meantime, though, we should also note how this proves how much these lawmakers lie when they claim they support the Second Amendment. Yeah, we’ve always known that “I support the Second Amendment but…” was always a sign that everything before the “but” was a lie, but look at this for a moment.

If they supported lawful gun ownership, why are they working so hard to make it impossible for anyone to lawfully get a gun? I know this can’t be a permanent thing, in either Hawaii or elsewhere, but for a time, it is what it is and none of these “I support the Second Amendment but…” types are tripping over themselves to do anything about that.

Shocking, right?

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