Indiana Arrests Blow All Kinds of Holes in Gun Control

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As you read this, someone out there is plotting to infringe upon your right to keep and bear arms. They’re perpetually working to enact gun control regardless of what any court might tell them. They don’t even care about looking for historical precedents as Bruen directs, either. They just want to restrict your rights.


Mine too, obviously.

But let’s take a look at a couple of guys arrested in Indiana for a second to evaluate whether gun control will work or not.

Two young men are in the Marion County jail after police say they walked into the Castleton Square Mall with guns and ski masks Tuesday evening. Police said quick action by a citizen and mall security may have prevented whatever the young men had planned.

Police got the call around 7:45 p.m. Dec. 26 that three men with guns and ski masks were near an entrance of the Von Maur store at the Simon-owned Castleton Square Mall. Off-duty police officers working as mall security identified the suspects in the mall. Police said the three men took off.

Octavious Reid, 19, from Madison County, and Zachery Hunter, 18, from Indianapolis, were captured, one in the parking lot and the other trying to hide in the restroom of the Buca di Beppo restaurant in the mall parking lot.

Police recovered two Glock handguns equipped with machine gun conversion devices, as well as large capacity magazines and ammunition.

“Both guns that were recovered were stolen,” Foley said. “One was stolen from a house, and one was stolen just days before in a robbery. Certainly, our detectives are going to work to identify if these individuals were involved in that robbery. It’s possible that they were. It’s also possible that the individuals who committed the robbery then transferred these guns or sold these guns to somebody else.”


Both men were charged with possession of a machine gun, among a variety of other charges.

Now, let’s understand here and now that neither of these men were over the age of 21. The law said they couldn’t have handguns and yet, they both had Glock handguns.

Further, there are no firearms as tightly controlled as machine guns. You can’t lawfully have them without special permits from the ATF and private citizens can’t have one made after 1986, which has driven up the cost of those firearms making them all but unattainable for many people.

And yet, these two men allegedly had full-auto switches, which they couldn’t lawfully have, on their handguns, which they also couldn’t lawfully have.

I mean, it’s almost like gun control laws don’t work at all, isn’t it?

Of course, that’s exactly what happens. These two are accused of breaking gun control laws that inhibit people like you or me. My son, at 19, couldn’t buy a handgun despite representing no threat to anyone, all because some anti-gunners back in the day figured that young adults that age shouldn’t be able to get firearms because of knuckleheads like these two.


Yet we all see that the knuckleheads aren’t stopped. They’re still getting guns.

What’s more, now they’re attaching devices that turn them into machine guns that you and I couldn’t begin to possess lawfully without a lot of money and a lot of hoop jumping.

And gun control advocates will still swear their policies actually work.

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