UK Report Highlights How 3D-Printed Gun Change Everything

(AP Photo/Eric Gay)

You had to know that 3D-printed guns were going to change things.

Gun control only works if the laws can restrict complete access to guns. They’ve never actually been able to do that, but when guns basically had to come through gun stores, it was easy to pretend they did.


When people started making their own guns–a practice that actually predates the nation’s founding–it was easy to ignore because it typically required a fair bit of knowledge, information that not everyone possessed.

The moment it was announced that you could make a gun that was completely 3d printed, everything changed. Gun control could no longer even pretend to be viable.

And a report out of the UK makes that very clear.

Criminals could find templates online to print a 3D gun with relative ease, one Dundee expert has said.

But Professor Angela Daly said the current technology available to consumers means such weapons may pose more risk to the person firing them.

The Dundee University academic was speaking after it was revealed police seized a 3D firearm in Tayside in May last year.

Police Scotland confirmed two such weapons had been identified, with the second recovered in Argyll and Bute.

Prof Daly, a legal academic and expert in the regulation of digital technology, has published research on 3D printed weapons.

While producing such a weapon with a three-dimensional printer requires some skill, experts say it can be done with relative ease.

She told The Courier: “One question I always have when it comes to reports of police finding 3D printed guns is how they did they know where to look in the first place?

“Are they finding them because they are looking for them, or are they looking for drugs or stolen property and finding them?

“That raises questions about those who, if they exist, could be doing it under the radar.”


Now, Daly argues that it’s still easier to obtain a more traditionally-manufactured firearm, even in the UK, than a 3D-printed gun, but that’s not really the point, now is it?

With these files existing, even a complete and total gun ban, including door-to-door confiscation of firearms, wouldn’t be sufficient to keep the criminal element of any nation disarmed. They’d still get guns and there’s absolutely nothing anyone could do about it.

Sure, ammunition might be more problematic under such a scheme, but let’s also be realistic here, there will always be guns. The elites might support gun control, but that’s going to be gun control for you and me, not them.

As such, ammunition will be available.

And that means 3D-printed guns are going to be viable for criminals no matter what laws you put in place.

Remember, this is a report out of the UK. They have gun control laws that even California wouldn’t strongly consider passing. If they can’t prevent this sort of things, no one else is going to stop 3D-printed guns from ending up in criminal hands.


If anti-gunners throughout the world were open to learning the lesson, they’d see that any hope they had of disarming people are gone, so if they want to stop violent crime, they should start focusing on, you know, violent crime.

Alas, though, it’s not likely to happen. They don’t want to learn.

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