CNN Not Even Hiding Anti-Gun Agenda Anymore

AP Photo/Ron Harris

When the Gulf War broke out, darn near every American household was tuned to CNN. They had people in Baghdad and were reporting like no one else. It was a wonder of the modern age and as someone who grew up respecting journalism, it was something to behold.


But that was, unfortunately, decades ago. Three of them, to be exact, plus a couple of years.

The CNN of today isn’t doing groundbreaking reporting that literally no one else could do. Instead, they’re pushing an agenda.

In fairness, this isn’t new, but with the DOJ report on Uvalde coming out last week, one would think they’d at least focus on what the report actually said. It outlined law enforcement failures that led to the death of so many innocent children.

That ain’t what CNN is pushing, though.

On the day the Justice Department released a report on the mistakes local law enforcement made in handling the Uvalde, Texas, school massacre from May 2022, CNN coverage of the findings predictably turned to pushing more gun control as both Democrat and Republican guests appeared to discuss the findings.

On Thursday’s CNN This Morning, State Senator Roland Gutierrez (D-TX) — who is also running for the U.S. Senate this year — was given un unchallenged forum to complain about his state’s Republican legislators opposing gun control. Toward the end of the interview, he complained:

Unfortunately, the policy holders in this state, the people that are controlling this state, Republican leaders both in the house and the senate and of course our leadership have decided to create loose gun laws that allow anybody and anybody — everybody to access a weapon of this nature. I mean, this young man was 18 years old — he bought a gun in a small town in Texas at the only gun shop in Texas (sic) on day one.

After recalling that the Uvalde gunman had bought hundreds of rounds of ammunition before attacking the school, the Texas Democrat added: “In other states, that would have been considered possibly a red flag. So it’s my hope that we not only learn best practices sure going forward, but we have to change our policy. And if our policy makers aren’t willing to make some changes, then we need to get rid of those policy makers.”


Now, we’ve seen this kind of thing from supposed journalists before. Anti-gun voices on the news get to say pretty much whatever they want, unchallenged, while anyone who opposes gun control finds themselves in a debate with the host.

This isn’t new by any stretch.

Further, it’s also just one program on CNN. One could easily dismiss this as simply a single program or producer or some other entity rather than the network as a whole.

One should not.

And in the afternoon. as CNN host Jake Tapper spoke with Congressman Tony Gonzales (R-TX) about the report, after the congressman declared that he was opposed to passing any new gun restrictions, Tapper proposed that more background checks might have prevented some of the recent high-profile shootings:

Why don’t you support universal background checks? If people have to go through background checks to buy a firearm at a gun store, why shouldn’t they have to go through it at a gun show, especially when there are clearly individuals — we’ve seen a lot of shootings in the last few years from individuals who clearly are not right, and a basic background check might have prevented tragedy?

Of course, how many times do we see that the mass shooters–actual mass shooters, not gang-bangers who get touted as mass shooters by biased sources–passed the background check system. That happened in Uvalde, for example. The killer might have been as demented as they come, but he’d never been adjudicated by a court and he’d never been convicted of anything, so he could buy a firearm without a background check.


In fact, we generally see the only mass shooters who haven’t passed a background check to be those too young to do so, and they steal a family member’s gun.

So here we have CNN pushing gun control, much like President Joe Biden, despite the fact that the Department of Justice itself noting that this wasn’t a gun control failure but a law enforcement one. That’s the story, folks. That’s what the DOJ found and one would imagine that CNN would want to cover that.

But they’ve gone so deep down the anti-gun rabbit hole that even their anti-law enforcement bias isn’t enough to pull them out of this story.

The Uvalde Police Department screwed the pooch, will get away with it because the police don’t have a duty to protect us, and these turdnuggets’ spin on this is that we should be disarmed or, at a minimum, inhibited because the cops screwed up?

I once took CNN seriously. Once, there was some reason to take them seriously.

Those days, however, are so long over that it’s almost hilarious.

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