California Needs to Stop Ignoring Supreme Court

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There’s a crisis brewing in Texas at the border. The state is trying to stem the tide of illegal immigration and the Biden White House seems determined to encourage it.


The Supreme Court made a lot of people mad when they told Texas they couldn’t keep the feds from cutting the razor wire being used to prevent illegal immigration. There’s enough nuance there to be a post of its own, of course, but that will take it beyond what we talk about here.

Needless to say, though, a lot of people on the left–which includes the vast majority of anti-gunners–are celebrating the Supreme Court right now. They love it, even if they don’t actually understand what the Court actually said.

And yet, while they seem all about the rule of law and think Texas replacing the razor wire is ignoring the Court–at least in spirit, as they see it–they routinely and really ignore the Court on guns. Especially California.

The new year saw the customary barrage of new California gun control laws. The most appalling is Sen. Anthony Portantino’s Senate Bill 2, a rebellious reaction to last year’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling NYSRPA v. Bruen. SB 2 has nothing to do with criminals. Rather, it selectively targets only one group—holders of a license to carry a concealed firearm for self protection (CCW).

SB 2 is one of a flurry of statutes rushed into law by California and a few other states whose purpose is to openly defy Bruen, which confirms that the “and bear” arms part of the Second Amendment means what it says. Already, these Bruen tantrum laws are being struck down in federal court appeals. SB 2 is now partially enjoined pending appeal. But the purpose of these laws is clear — first, to make California an even more dangerous legal minefield for gun owners and second, to signal defiance of the Supreme Court.

It’s obvious by now that California state officials have no intention of respecting our nation’s highest court. They must be compelled, at long last, to honor the civil right that is the second one listed in our Bill of Rights. And yes, there is precedent.


Meanwhile, a lot of people who support all of California’s anti-gun laws are screaming their support for the Supreme Court’s decision on Texas, little as they understand it–for the record, Texas was simply enjoined from keeping feds of federal land. Nothing said they couldn’t put the razor wire back after the feds left.

It’s also kind of sadly hilarious that these are often the same people who declared this very same Supreme Court illegitimate after the Bruen and Dobbs decisions.

They’re the same people who try to stretch Bruen to mean whatever they want it to mean. They disagreed with the ruling and now try to conform to what they figure is the letter of the ruling, but not the spirit.

Anti-gunners are routinely hypocritical in many ways, but this sudden veneration of the Supreme Court–all based on a poor understanding of it–while simultaneously ignoring previous rulings may well be the most bizarre thing no one had on their 2024 bingo card.

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