Armed Citizen in Chicago Gives Armed Robber a Bad Day

AP Photo/Brittainy Newman, File

Armed citizens make everyone safer.

A lot of people don’t believe that, concocting scenarios in their heads where an armed individual is a liability rather than an asset, but there are too many times where reality has shown that not to be the case.


An armed and responsible person is there while the police are miles away.

That was a point just made painfully clear to one individual who thought armed robbery was a great idea in Chicago.

Police said the teen entered the Taco Burrito King at 5413 W. Belmont Ave. off Long Avenue in the Belmont Cragin neighborhood — and at gunpoint, demanded the contents of the cash register, WBBM-TV reported.

The clerk behind the register complied with the teen’s demands, but police told the station that a man with a concealed carry license was also in the Mexican restaurant — and he confronted the gun-toting teen.

Cops said the CCL holder took out a gun and shot at the teen — but missed, WBBM reported.

The teen took off from the restaurant, drove away in a black sport-utility vehicle, and promptly crashed a half a mile to the south near Diversey and Long Avenues, police told the station.

Police soon apprehended the suspect who tried to run but, well, was unsuccessful in that endeavor. He was then taken to the hospital to be treated for a “graze wound.” In other words, the armed citizen may have missed, but not by much.

Now, there’s no mention of whether or not charges are going to be filed against the armed citizen or not, but I sincerely hope there aren’t. Yes, it’s Illinois and we know how they can get, but armed robberies turn violent far too often for anyone to just assume no one’s life is in danger.


That means an armed citizen has ever reason to believe they’ll need to act or someone could be seriously injured or killed.

Of course, the laws are what they are, whether I agree with them or not.

Still, the overall point really should be that when this robbery happened, there was no police officer nearby. There was no one who was there when things were going down, which meant it was up to either an armed citizen to act or to hope and pray the bad guy had no interest in actually using the gun in his hands.

Maybe it’s just me, but depending on the magnanimous nature of armed thugs doesn’t seem like a particularly viable plan, at least long term. It might work out a few times, but a lot of other people are going to be hurt or killed.

Good guys with guns prevent such things.

Anti-gunners don’t have to like it. I don’t expect them to like it. I just won’t let them lie about it.

Guns save lives. Armed citizens save lives.

Gun control, doesn’t, and I’m just glad that in a gun control area like Chicago, we still had a good guy with a gun there to prevent anything worse from happening.

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