CBS Thrilled About Kansas City Reigniting Gun Control Debate

AP Photo/Reed Hoffmann

The Kansas City parade shooting was primarily national news because of where it happened. With only one person killed, it's a tragedy but a local one. The number of people injured would make headlines nationally, sure, but it would die down pretty quickly because of the lack of fatalities.


But it was at an event that was a focal point for national attention at the time, which makes it so much bigger.

Now that the shooting has happened, numerous people are thrilled to see how it's reinvigorating the gun control debate.

It seems that, according to Newsbusters, that a number of those people work at CBS News.

After conspicuously not pushing gun control following the Lakewood megachurch shooting in Texas last week, likely because good guys with guns put down the shooter, CBS Mornings spent part of their Friday show morbidly cheering on how the Kansas City Super Bowl parade shooting was “helping renew” the left’s fight against gun rights with a so-called “assault weapons” ban.

“And the shooting at the Kansas City Super Bowl parade is helping renew the conversation about how to curb gun violence in America, including how to limit easy access to military-style rifles,” co-anchor Tony Dokoupil announced.

He added: “It's been 20 years since the ban on assault rifles expired, and that includes the AR-15 and weapons similar to it. Weapons that have been used in many of the nation's deadliest mass shootings.”

In a report featuring a sit-down conversation with several mass shooting survivors, CBS correspondent Nicole Sganga promoted the Gas-Operated Semiautomatic Firearm Exclusion Act (the so-called GOSAFE Act), the latest reincarnation of the unconstitutional assault weapons ban.

Of course, at no point did they mention that the 1994 assault weapons ban did nothing to curb gun violence in America, hence why it was allowed to expire. They also failed to mention that the Columbine school shooting the worst school shooting in America, at the time, occurred during the first so-called assault weapon ban.


Admittedly, the GOSAFE Act isn't a reincarnation of the 1994 ban by any reasonable stretch of the imagination. It's much, much worse.

Moreover, while the much-vilified AR-15 is used in a lot of terrible mass shootings, the media always has a tendency to overlook horrific shooting that take place with other weapons.

For example, Columbine is mentioned above. The killers there had a variety of firearms, including a Hi-Point carbine, sawed-off shotguns, and handguns. They kind of brought everything.

Virginia Tech is still the worst school shooting on American soil, and the killer there used a couple of handguns.

See, one of many problems with something like the GOSAFE Act is that it completely ignores the fact that mass shooters aren't exactly married to the idea of using a so-called assault weapon. They'll use whatever weapons they can get their hands on. If that's a pump-action shotgun, then so be it.

Moreover, it seems CBS decided to gloss over the fact that these were juveniles. They couldn't lawfully buy any firearm, yet here they were, at a parade with a gun they obtained through illegal means.

That's not a point most anti-gun voices seem interested in discussing, likely because it goes against their narrative, but it's an important point. Missouri doesn't exactly have a lot of gun laws, and yet these two manage to still break gun control laws there. That has to tell you something all on its own.


So CBS is thrilled they get to push gun control yet again, but this isn't going to go the way they think it will.

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