We Know Where Biden's Priorities Lie

AP Photo/Carlos Osorio

There's one thing I have to acknowledge about President Joe Biden: He's done his best to keep at least one of his campaign promises.

While running for president, Biden swore he'd enact sweeping gun control measures. He hasn't, but not for lack of trying. Republicans in Congress haven't been quite as cooperative as he'd like, though they did give him a little bit when some backed the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, but that wasn't quite the totality of what he'd promised.

Yet he's not backing down. He's trying to keep his word, on that if nothing else.

The problem is that while he's attacking folks like you and me, he's also ignoring a real problem elsewhere and at least some people are sick of it.

Mentioning the executive steps being taken by the POTUS and measures to ban assault weapons, Biden wrote, "I've taken more executive actions to stop the flow of illegal guns than any other administration in history. We beat the NRA when I signed the most significant gun safety law in nearly 30 years. We're going to finish the job and ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines." Previously, in March 2023, the President announced the goal of "increasing the number of background checks conducted before firearm sales, moving the US as close to universal background checks as possible without additional legislation," according to an official report from the White House.

User @realCarola2Hope wrote, "Disarming the American population while you keep the borders open. Great! You hate Americans!" Another user, @KaraMar111, chimed in, expressing their disagreement, "@POTUS You’ve taken more executive actions to promote the flow of Illegals into this Country than any Administration in history. Not only did I fix your stupid post for you, but understand this: You will not infringe on our 2A no matter what you scribble down. We are not safe because of you and Bathhouse Barry. We know this is by design, & because you’ve let criminals in & the lawlessness that has become the norm, I’m buying more & I'm not alone. #TRUMP2024ToRestoreSanity."

It's a perfectly valid point, particularly after Laken Riley was viciously murdered here in Georgia, thus emphasizing the problems of illegal immigrants crossing the border in such numbers.

I know the arguments; the claims that most illegal immigrants aren't violent and are willing to live here otherwise lawfully. The issue is that even if only two percent are violent, that's still a lot of violent people considering 430,000 illegal immigrants are estimated to have crossed the border in 2023 alone.

Meanwhile, Biden's not worried about them. He's doing virtually nothing about them. In fact, he's trying to prohibit anyone from doing anything about them, all while he's trying to disarm you and me.

He's focused so heavily on gun control that he's ignoring thousands upon thousands of violent criminals entering the United States, pretending they don't exist even as he trips over himself to paint law-abiding gun owners as the problem in American society.

No, Mr. President, we're not the issue. You and your fellow pro-illegal immigration Democrats--pretty much all of whom are also anti-gun, I might note--continue to pretend that these are just the poor, the tired, the huddled masses yearning to be free rather than violent thugs looking for new opportunities to hurt people.

I'm sympathetic to the plight of those who want a better life. I want our immigration policy reformed so that we can address the illegal border crossings while still allowing those who want to become Americans the opportunity to do so.

I'm damn sure not going to give up my rights, especially to a man whose every decision seems like the perfect recipe for making our violent crime problems worse.