Hollywood, Brady Pushing Gun Control in TV Shows

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Hollywood has always been hypocritical when it comes to guns. Plenty of people working in the film and television industry use guns all the time. Entire careers have been built around gun-toting roles and the industry has fought to get carve-outs in gun control legislation time and time again.


Yet so many people who work in that same industry support gun control. They want you to be restricted, but they refuse to accept those restrictions on themselves. 

So it's no surprise that they're teaming up with a group like Brady. 

What they're doing is basically using your television to condition you and your children to accept gun control as perfectly normal.

Hollywood and the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence are teaming up via CBS’s S.W.A.T. to include gun control messages during the show.

For example, CNN reported that in one episode, actor Shemar Moore’s character Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson comes home from a shift as a cop and makes sure to take his service firearm to the closet and lock it up before sitting down to talk with his wife.


The scene is a result of a collaboration between Hollywood and Brady’s “Show Gun Safety” campaign.

The “Show Gun Safety” website says:

Guns are prominently featured in television, art, music, and movies across the globe, but only America has a gun violence epidemic. In America, we have more guns than people. Every year, over 40,000 people are shot and killed. Our nation’s gun violence crisis impacts nearly every fabric of American life. It will take a comprehensive approach to end this epidemic, and changing the culture and behaviors around firearms must be part of the solution. The creative community can play a powerful role in leading those solutions.

See, that quote from Show Gun Safety is important because it makes it clear that it's not just about modeling safe behavior. If that were the extent of it, I'd be a lot less worked up over it. I mean, I'm sure we have some differences of opinion on what is safe behavior and what is excessive, but that's a point we can debate.


But Show Gun Safety makes it clear they want a "comprehensive approach," which means modeling proper handling isn't enough. They also want gun control. Since this is a Brady initiative, that's not surprising.

That doesn't make it less troubling, though.

While many of us can identify the propaganda in movies and television, a lot of people can't. Even by leaving out certain behaviors, film and television can change the way people think about things like guns.

Brady President Kris Brown has been on a bit of a pop culture kick, lately. She's been kind of stupid about it, but she's been doing it. This is just more of the same, but with Hollywood's buy-in.

And the only answer we have? Don't watch shows that play those kinds of stupid games. If you do, talk to your families about what you're seeing and why that's propaganda versus reality. Be proactive in those discussions and make it clear that what we see and what we don't see aren't reality.

They want to use your television to indoctrinate your family. Don't let them.

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