Herrera Gaining Momentum Against Anti-Gun Incumbent

AP Photo/Michael Conroy, File

I like Brandon Herrera. I love watching his videos and I love his sense of humor. He's a smidge warped in what he finds funny, he's just warped in a similar way to me.


I loved him announcing a run for Congress, particularly against Rep. Tony Gonzales. Despite sharing a name with one of the greatest tight ends to ever play in the NFL, Gonzales has been a disappointment at best.

Sure, he's a Republican, but he's an anti-gun Republican, which makes him no different from a Democrat in our minds, and Herrera is as pro-gun as they come. Swapping out Gonzales with Herrera is a public service as far as I'm concerned.

While Gonzales managed to garner the most votes in the Texas primary, it wasn't enough to push Herrera out. The two are now in a run-off, and that's probably bad news for Gonzales.


Honestly, this is what happens when you go down the anti-gun rabbit hole. Yes, Gonzales got the most votes in the primary, but when everyone else was voting specifically against him, it's not a great recipe for success in retaining his seat.

And that's how it should be.

Herrera was motivated to run because of Gonzales and his support for the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, yet Gonzales angered a lot of Texas Republicans with his anti-gun rhetoric. He'd have supported much, much worse legislation and we all know it.

Herrera knows it, too.

Unfortunately, based on how the Republican Party has backed Gonzales, they either don't realize it or simply don't care.

Regardless, Herrera is a threat, especially when so many of his other fellow challengers were quick to throw their weight behind the guntuber.

The big question is whether it's enough to remove an anti-gunner from the House and put in someone who really believes in the Second Amendment.

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