Democrat Lawmakers Lash Out After Youngkin's Vetoes

AP Photo/Eduardo Munoz Alvarez

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin made a lot of anti-gunners in his state quite upset. He vetoed just about everything they wanted.

It was kind of beautiful, really.

Unfortunately, that opinion isn't universal. No opinion is. Someone is always going to disagree with no matter what you do. If you cured cancer, someone would be bent out of shape that now oncologists are going to be out of work.


You just can't win with some people.

And with a controversial subject like guns, you know there's going to be disagreement.

However, Democrats are criticizing Youngkin for vetoing these bills — including one that would have banned the sale of new assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. 

“It seems like the gun lobby won the day over what people in our community want,” Sen. Suhas Subramanyam (D-Loudon) said. “If we make it easy for people to obtain assault weapons and carry them in public, we are really jeopardizing the safety of our community.” 

Another bill vetoed by Youngkin would have instituted a five-day waiting period before someone could purchase a gun.

 “This [waiting period] is important because I see suicides happen because someone can buy a gun and then shoot themselves on the same day, or they can perpetrate a crime within the same day or two,” Subramanyam said. 

Youngkin disagreed, correctly noting that the law would impede law-abiding citizens facing threats more than anything else.

It should be noted that while waiting periods do appear to be linked to a reduction in suicides by firearm, there doesn't seem to be any evidence really showing that they reduce suicides as a whole. In other words, if someone can't get a gun, they're probably just going to take their own life with something else. 

It's funny to me how, with people like Subramanyam, any Second Amendment win is a win for the dreaded "gun lobby" but the passage of these gun control bills wasn't a win for his own favored special interest groups.


Oh no, that's just pure righteousness.

And if you believe that, I've got a bridge to sell you. No, not that bridge. It's too damaged to sell right now, but another one. One still standing.

The truth is that Virginia's anti-gunners can just learn to deal with disappointments. Youngkin was elected, at least in part, to prevent just this sort of thing. Yeah, he was cagey about what he'd do, but people knew he'd be lightyears better than Ralph Northam when it came to guns and that was born out this week.

Virginia has problems, but none of those are a lack of gun control laws. That's not the issue anywhere on the planet.

No, the issue is and has always been about people.

Unfortunately, that's something that Virginia anti-gunners have absolutely no interest in whatsoever. They'd much rather restrict your rights than actually deal with the problem. Nothing new there, of course, but they're also angry and Youngkin for not going along with the program.

I'm sure Gov. Youngkin might lose a whole three seconds of sleep over it.

It's hard to sleep when you're laughing, after all, and these wankers deserve to be laughed at.

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