How Biden Seeks to Undermine Second Amendment With Administrative Attacks

AP Photo/David J. Phillip

President Joe Biden is no friend of the Second Amendment. 

Not only has he given the worst tactical advice for dealing with things like home invaders and trespassers--either shot through the door or to just fire up into the air--he also has declared war on your ability to keep and bear arms.


He can't get the votes for the level of gun control he wants, though. That means he's had to try to do what he can.

While Sen. John Cornyn handed Biden a huge win with his support of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, it wasn't nearly enough for the most anti-gun president in history.

Instead, he's trying to attack the Second Amendment in something of an attack on the flanks. He's going after gun manufacturers and gun stores.

President Joe Biden (D) hasn’t been able to pass the gun bans and confiscation schemes he desires, so he has been using the authority of his pen, and of the government agencies he oversees, to destroy gun manufacturers and gun stores.

This way, must go his logic, if people don’t have a local place to shop for firearms, ammunition and accessories, then some percentage of citizens will surely give up on being gun owners. Meanwhile, if guns and ammo—and permits and more—are made onerously expensive due to high fees, taxes, burdensome regulations and what should be frivolous lawsuits, then yet more citizens will be priced out of exercising this freedom.

By thus going around the democratic process, gun-ban advocates hope to reduce gun ownership culturally. If ownership is reduced enough, and if enough people who don’t choose to own firearms are swayed by the propaganda from the gun-control Left, then it will be much easier for them to politically reduce this right to nothing more than 200-plus-year-old words on parchment.

Pretty much. The issue is pretty clear. Your right to keep and bear arms doesn't not need to be inhibited if your ability to keep and bear arms is nonexistent. 


For example, Mexico has a similar right to our own Second Amendment. Yet because there's only one legal gun store in the country and it's a pain in the butt to even get access to the gun store--it's located on an Army base--it deters a lot of people from even trying to exercise that right.

Yes, they also have more restrictions on the right than we do, but by making it difficult to buy guns, they don't need them in many cases.

The question becomes just how the Biden administration is doing this.

Biden indicated this was his mindset when, just prior to the 2020 election, he called gun makers and gun dealers “the enemy.”

Also, to sell this view of America to voters, he has consistently implied that many, if not most, gun stores are “rogue gun dealers,” and has accused them of putting guns “into the hands of criminals.”

Indeed, with his “enemy” defined, Biden has repeatedly empowered the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to use “zero-tolerance” policies to imperil lawful gun dealers. As part of this scheme, Biden’s ATF has even used minor paperwork errors as an excuse to shut down gun stores. Incredibly, the ATF is now more than happy to boast about shutting down gun stores.

Meanwhile, the ATF wonders why gun owners loathe their agency so much.

Let's understand that these "rogue gun dealers" are nothing of the sort. They're getting jammed up over paperwork errors. Whereas the ATF used to be able to tell that's what was happening and would direct them to fix the errors, now they're shutting down the gun stores in question and pretending they're making our streets safer.


What they've never done is show how a single one of these errors has somehow allowed guns to end up in the hands of a criminal. Not a single instance has been provided of this.

Instead, this agenda has simply been nothing more than an attempt to dissuade people from going into the firearms business while pushing others out, thus making it harder to lawfully buy firearms. Coupled with other actions by the Biden administration, the goal is clear. They want to reduce gun ownership by ordinary citizens.

Yet criminals don't go through these processes. They're not troubled by gun stores shutting down due to ATF overreach. They simply keep buying guns off the black market then using them to cause chaos in our cities. They're not touched by Biden's efforts in the least.

Make no mistake, the Biden administration may sometimes say they respect the Second Amendment, but they don't. It's a roadblock to what he wants to accomplish, so he's just going around at the flanks to launch the assault he knows would never succeed otherwise.

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