Gun Running Plot 'Foiled' by TSA

AP Photo/Michael Dwyer

I'm not a fan of the TSA as a general thing. They have a job to do, which I get, but people did that job without a federal agency overseeing it. 

And TSA has some idiotic rules, including freaking out over innocuous things that just resemble firearms in a slight manner.


But from time to time, they catch someone doing something.

Most of the guns they find are the result of people apparently forgetting they had a gun in a bag. No, I don't know how you forget where you put your guns, but some people do it.

I'm pretty sure this guy who was "foiled" by the TSA doesn't count as one of those.

An Ohio man was taken into custody on Friday at Pittsburgh International Airport after he was found to be in possession of multiple firearms. 

Just before 9 a.m., TSA agents notified Allegheny County Police that multiple firearms and ammo were found inside the Youngstown man's briefcase. 

The guns appeared to be concealed in the briefcase lined in roofing tape and sheet metal and were hidden inside another piece of checked luggage. 

Three guns and three boxes of ammo were found, each individually wrapped in aluminum foil.

My guess is that our master gun runner figured the metal would screw with the TSA's X-ray machines.

In truth, they might.

Where he screwed up was in thinking that the TSA wouldn't be concerned by that in the least and just let the briefcase slide right on by.

Because of course an agency stood up in the aftermath of 9/11 wouldn't think that maybe, just maybe, a steel-encased briefcase might warrant a closer look.

In my day, I've seen some weird stuff caught by the TSA, including a gun inside of a raw chicken and guns being smuggled in peanut butter, but this is just...special.

Now, in fairness, we do know that TSA has missed people with guns before. From Bond villain firearms to American politicans who didn't even know he had a gun until he got to his destination, the TSA hasn't always caught the firearms.


But this one is so idiotic because he basically did everything short of a neon sign tellling the TSA to take a closer look at his briefcase.

I mean, it's not like a terrorist wouldn't use metal while making a bomb, nor try to conceal it from X-ray scanners. 

I think it's probable that the individual in question wasn't exactly unaware of his guns. Since he knew he was breaking the law, it's safe to say he may well have had ill intentions in some way, shape, or form. 

I'm not fond of being told I can't carry on a domestic flight--or any flight, really--but the rules are well known to one and all and there is a mechanism for flying with a firearm lawfully. This individual clearly didn't want to make those arrangements. Then again, the individual in question is on probation and prohibited from possessing firearms, so yeah, it's safe to say he wasn't just a lawful concealed carrier concerned about facing a terrorist on the plane.

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