Gun Control Lobby's Stance on Vet Gun Rights Disproves Any Claims of Support for 2A

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"I support the Second Amendment, but..."

How many times? How many times has some anti-gunner started with this mess after you point out how they want to take our guns? The "but" is often followed by claims that they just want "common sense" legislation or how their favorite pet bill doesn't really infringe on anyone's right because you can still have guns, just maybe not that gun.


We all know it's nonsense. We know what they want, but they at least try to pay lip service to the Second Amendment much of the time.

Some might admit to wanting the Second Amendment repealed, but most know that's a bridge too far.

But some gun control groups have made a recent move that really tips their hand on their supposed Second Amendment "support."

Congress has created an “enormous threat to the safety and well-being of veterans” by blocking Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) reports of mental incompetency from entering the federal background check system, gun reform groups said in a letter to lawmakers this week.

The provision in question was part of the $1.2 trillion budget bill passed by the House and Senate last month. Originally introduced as a separate bill by Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.), the measure is meant to limit the ability of the VA to stop veterans from purchasing guns.

The Brady United Against Gun Violence, Everytown for Gun Safety, Giffords, March for Our Lives and 45 other gun reform groups wrote to lead appropriators in the House and Senate on Tuesday urging them to drop the provision — Section 413 — in their next appropriations bill.

“Limiting access to guns for veterans and other VA beneficiaries who may be in crisis by reporting them to the background check system is a critical step to help keep them safe,” the groups wrote in the letter.


Keep in mind that this is about VA bureaucrats deciding unilaterally that veterans who are receiving assistance with their finances aren't able to exercise their Second Amendment rights. This isn't about people in crisis or people who are mentally incompetent. There are measures in place that even the VA could make use of to deal with individuals in that category.

No, these groups are upset because bureaucrats can't unilaterally decide to include someone in the NICS database as a prohibited person despite literally no court having laid eyes on them.

They can do the whole "I support the Second Amendment but..." dance all they want, but this move betrays the truth.

See, they might not want a repeal of the Second Amendment, but they want it so neutered down that it might as well not even exist. They want anyone to lose their guns for just about anything and they don't want anyone to have to go to court to strip those rights from people. Between red flag laws and this, that makes it perfectly clear to anyone who has eyes.

Then again, it was clear before this, but this just makes it that much harder for them to dispute.


Heaven forbid someone get help with their finances because for whatever reason they can't handle that themselves. If so, they should be at the mercy of every crook and creep on the planet, at least in the world of gun control jihadists.

The thing is, veterans are probably the last group you want to push that kind of thing with. Just sayin'.

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