Maryland Governor Signs Bill Creating Gun Control Center

AP Photo/Steve Ruark

Maryland isn't friendly toward the Second Amendment. It hasn't been for quite some time, which means that it's unsurprising when they make a move dedicated toward pushing gun control.


Officials there loved it when Biden created his Office of Gun Violence Prevention. It's something anti-gunners have wanted for years, probably because it's a federal jobs program for their buddies, but they've definitely wanted it for some time.

The purpose of that office is to supposedly coordinate state gun control efforts.

Yet now, states are looking at creating their own similar offices. In fact, Maryland just did.

Maryland Gov. Wes Moore (D) signed legislation Thursday to create a state-level gun control center mirroring the federal office of gun violence prevention created by the Biden Administration.

The Associated Press reported that Moore lauded the creation of the gun control center at a signing ceremony, saying, “Maryland became the first state in the nation to officially answer President Biden’s call.”

Democrats touted the center as a way “to foster a statewide partnership with federal and local agencies to reduce gun violence.”

Moore signed two other gun control bills Thursday, WMDT noted, one of which was House Bill 947, which is intended to “hold bad actors in the firearm industry accountable.”


That's a common refrain among anti-gun lawmakers, but the problem is that there really isn't a pile of bad actors in the firearm industry. That's a myth perpetuated by anti-gun zealots in order to demonize the industry as a whole, thus making it more likely people will support regulations on them.

After all, if these "bad actors" were acting badly, the same ATF that's been shutting down gun stores over paperwork errors would have likely swooped in and made arrests. In fact, if that's what they were doing, as opposed to how they've been operating over the last few years, I don't think you'd hear nearly as many complaints as you currently do.

But my question here is why?

The White House supposedly did it so they could coordinate statewide efforts from a central location, offering sample bills and whatnot so as to make things easier for gun control advocates in individual states. It's really just a jobs program for gun control activists, but the official reason was coordination.

Why exactly does Maryland need coordination?

Or is this just more evidence that these are a jobs program intended to put taxpayer money in the pockets of activists?


My money is on the latter.

This is the last thing Maryland needs. If the state is eaten up with "bad actors," why does it need a special office created by the legislature to deal with it? This doesn't seem to create new regulations, after all, meaning the "bad actors" are breaking existing laws and regulations. Why not go after them now?

Again, this makes sense if you recognize that it's not about the reason they say it's for. It's about making sure gun control gets official sanction in as many places as possible in order to provide legitimacy to a radical effort that seeks to undermine the basic rights of law-abiding citizens.

And yes, to give jobs to people who are otherwise unemployable but who hold the correct positions on guns.

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